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  1. I am now 3 days quit. The thing that I need to realize before I ever TRULY quit and get away from this bastard vice is that IN ORDER TO QUIT THIS SH** FOREVER YOU NEED TO STAY QUIT AND NEVER EVER GO BACK. That doesn't me and that "I havent bought a can in X days, I can have ONE chew." Or "If I buy a can and only take one out of it I'll be ok because I've gone so long without having any." I'm not a religious man but I swear some timed there are people looking down and on me. I've been quitting not for what, 4 weeks? I haven't stayed quit but I haven't quit quitting either. I've had it on my to do list to update my insurance and increase me life insurance for the sake of my 2 y/o son. I had an appt with an agent this morning and when we got on the top is of life insurance, wouldn't you know they need to blood and plss test me to determine I am not a smoker. Well I've never been a smoker but I'm sure that being s chewer isn't going to give me a pass in that category. So anyhow Noe I actually have a reason that I CANT take just one here and there because I don't want the increased rate of being s nicotine user. Its sad thats the reason to motivate me to not take another dip ever. Its sad that my son wasn't enough. Or my wife wasn't enough. Its sad that I lie to everyone that I use. What seperated me from the crack head thats sitting in the rain gutter? The expense of each of our dugs is really think only thing. My drug cost me $2/day and I could afford it but I have been no better at quitting it than him. OK I'm off my soap box. I'm done for ever and I mean it. Please can someone direct Mr to the June group? I honestly can't find it. And also if someone knows of anywhere to buy Smokey mountain in suburban Philly please let me know. You guys rock
  2. I'm back after 2(?) years and this time I am staying. This time its on my terms and I'm doing it for me. I have been chewing for 15+ years and have been trying to quit for 7. This habit has made me into a person that I don't respect. Into a weak and miserable lying man that no longer has any self respect. I am what I like to call a ninja chewer where the only people that really know that I chew are other chewers. I hide pouches in my cheek all the time anywhere. In meetings for work, in front of my wife (who thinks I quit 2 years ago) in front of anyone. I hide the can in my sock and this has been bullet proof but I am so tired of living a lie. I'm tired of lieing to my families face and I'm tired of watching my gums receed and worrying about losing half my face. I travel a lot for my job and Skoal extra costs me $9/5 cans. I can literally chew a whole can of long cut in 3 hours while driving and ninja chew another can of pouches until I go to sleep. No more. I quit 3 weeks ago. I went an entire 7 days without caving. The past two weeks I have caved 3 times as most recently as this past Tuesday. Today I am on day 3 and I am not going back.
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