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  1. If you quit between 7/25/2019 - 08/23/2019 this is your quit group. To join this group all you have to do is quit dipping and post Roll Call How to post roll call. (updated!) Get the Contract to Give Up Print it out and carry it in your wallet Click Here for a room to exchange phone numbers. Accountability is key August 21, 2019 Quitters- Fish - Day 6. Fog is lifting but craves can be strong. One crave at a time then. I will not put cancer dirt in my face today. I don't do this anymore. Palmer - NewEnd78 - Supporters- Gibb13- 931- good work Fish, one crave at a time is the way to go. Staying quit with this group. NDT Nick- 300- That's right Fish, we don't do that anymore. STS: 994: Kick those craves in the balls and do whatever it takes not to use that poison shit. I'll proudly stay quit with you today. ODAAT RWM 897 Proud to quit with you gents today.
  2. rwm3892

    Roll Call

    August 21, 2019 1st Quit Div. Muster Sheet:   RWM - 897 - I've never actually had pupusas, which I'm sure are fabulous. I just gotta go with what I know --tacos. No dip today. Front Line Support:
  3. rwm3892

    Roll Call

    The Banana Hammocks Tuesday, August 20th, 2019 Phil- 506- Crazy last few days and I just flat out forgot to post. I did, however, have a dip dream last night which was odd and terrifying. Served as a reminder that the nic bitch, while mostly quiet, is still out there lurking, and I need to stay vigilant. RWM 896 She'll be lurking long after you've consciously forgotten about her. Give her a good kick in the mouth and throw her in the wood chipper every day. STS - 993: I am on guard brother. I know that sneaking lil bitch will doing just about anything to try to win me back. I say HELL NO! Red - PMFJ - 745 - Screw that wench! NMFD!
  4. Tuesday August 20, 2019 Tank - Day 36x STS - 99x RWM -896 I'll be having tacos soon. NDT PMFJ - 745 - Get yer tacos today boys! NMFD!
  5. rwm3892

    Roll Call

    08/20/19 SC - First day of kindergarten yesterday - very cool RWM  - 896 - I remember my son's first day from years ago. Did you take pictures? NDT. PMFJ - STS - 993: No dip for me along with SC
  6. rwm3892

    Roll Call

    8/20/19  DWLT - 593 - some days I still pause and think about it, and amazed that I really quit chewing and it doesn't rule me any more - how cool is that! Think I'll celebrate with a few tacos today. STS - 993: Damn brother, I was thinking the same thing this morning, about not being a slave to that shit anymore. Bonanza - 590 - My only thoughts this morning were to wonder why we had tacos yesterday. No dip (or apparently tacos) for me today! FoodBuzz -598- Not a slave to dip, nicotine, or alcohol. Just caffeine PMFJ - 745 - My thought was, "Shit! I gotta go to work today!" First day of school. NMFD! RWM - 896 - It is very damn cool. Going to enjoy some more of it today.
  7. bflem- 1,39x STS - 993: On or off the grid - we are still quit RWM - 896 - bflem should have some good stories. PMFJ - 745 - Dude's been gone a long time. I hope somebody is minding the hemp, don't want any males in the field! NMFD! Tiger - 239x Gibb13 -930- looking forward to some trip details.
  8. August 20, 2019       Quitters    PMFJ - 745 - Thanks guys. My wife is under a ton of stress. I wish I could help more but I'm back to work with the kids. My schedule is different this year so my posts might be later than usual. I'm one of those guys who only leaves enough time in the morning to shower, get dressed, and go. I eat with the kids in the classroom. NMFD! STS - 993: Sending good thoughts your way brother. NDT Gibb13-930- very sorry to hear about your BIL. A tough summer for your family. Hopefully the good memories will bring some comfort. RWM 896 - No problem on posting a little later if it works for you. Looking forward to the pupusas tomorrow. NDT.
  9. rwm3892

    Roll Call

    Angry Quitters - Sick of Slavery   August 20, 2019 Quitters - sign here: STS - 993: No need to worry about where I can dip, or running out of dip, or where can i find a spitter, or with "that" turn in to cancer. Gibb13- 930- all good things not to worry about now. NDT PMFJ - 745 - No worries! NMFD! RWM 896 - stupid dip. None today.
  10. The Dump   Aug 20, 2019 Turd Pitchers:  Capt Kirk……….Day 92........... Rumor has it that I ain't dipping today. Turd Catchers: Tiger - 2401 - I’m down with that. PMFJ - 745 - That ain't no rumor, it's the troof! NMFD! RWM-896 - damn straight. NDT. Gibb13- 930- in this case, the rumor is true. NDT STS - 993: That's one rumor that needs to be spread around. Pssssst.. I heard Kirk ain't dipping today. FoodBuzz - Nick- 298- steve50
  11. August 20, 2019 KS - 140 quit all day. Thanks guys for all the motivation. I have been worried about it and it's goid to here all the positive stuff. I will not dip during my hunting. I will be posting everyday except my Idaho trip. I will have to take a screen shot of a text everyday there and send them to RWM when I get into service. Thanks again STS - 993: Wishing you a successful hunt. We will all be joining you in staying tobacco-free PMFJ - 745 - Taco hunting today! NMFD! Gibb13- 930- staying quit with KS. RWM - 896 - accountability is the glue that holds this place together. Good work.
  12. Aug 20 Nick- 299- Next stop, third floor. Tobacco not permitted. RWM - 896 - We always have a fabulous 3rd floor party. All kinds of grilled meats and cold beverages. PMFJ usually brings his famous pups. NdT.
  13. Tuesday August 20, 2019         New Quitters sign here: Unchained - 77 - not putting that shit in my mouth today!  Supporters: Gibb13-930- good choice. I'll join you. NDT RWM 896 - Not going to do that either.
  14. rwm3892

    Roll Call

    August 20, 2019 1st Quit Div. Muster Sheet:   RWM - 896 - We made it past Monday, now it's a new day. NDT. Front Line Support:
  15. If you quit between 7/25/2019 - 08/23/2019 this is your quit group. To join this group all you have to do is quit dipping and post Roll Call How to post roll call. (updated!) Get the Contract to Give Up Print it out and carry it in your wallet Click Here for a room to exchange phone numbers. Accountability is key August 20, 2019 Quitters- Fish - Day 5. Congrats on two weeks Palmer, three weeks NewEnd! PM me if interested in sharing digits. As for group name, we can play up on the HOF November name. Taking it one day at a time, NDT! Palmer - NewEnd78 - Supporters- RWM 896 - It's a good day to quit!
  16. Monday,  Aug 19, 2019  Quitter:  6string - 240 - Starting the week nicotine free.  Supporters: Nick- 298- I'll jump on that bandwagon. STS - 992: My plans exactly. Let's do this PMFJ - 744 - Nic free Monday! Blah. NMFD! RWM -895- I'll get on board with that.
  17. Aug 19 Nick- 298- I'm starting this week off on a good note by not dipping. STS - 992: Great way start off the week PMFJ - 744 - No dip on a shitty Monday. NMFD! RwM - 895 - ending the work day on high note...no dipping.
  18. August 19, 2019       Quitters    PMFJ - 744 - Sad news, bro-in-law passed yesterday afternoon. My poor wife and mother-in-law having to deal with 2 deaths this summer! Got back from airport at 2 am, up for work at 6:30 am. Falling asleep in meetings already. NMFD! STS - 992: Very sorry to hear that Peter. My condolences to your whole family. Gives me even more motivation to help get my bro-in-law straightened out. Gibb13-92x RWM 895 - My condolences to you and your family. NDT.
  19. August 19, 2019 KS - 139 quit all day. Hunting season is coming soon and I have a weak spot for dip during this time. I am putting this out there for motivation and reassurance that I will survive hunting season without dip. Gibb13-929- golf was my biggest trigger. Used seeds and hard candies the first year. After that, it was just the right mindset of not needing the shit to enjoy life. One less thing for the deer to smell when you're sitting in the woods. Nick- 298- When I started this quit journey I was balls deep in bow season last year. I was that guy that had a dip in nearly every minute I was in my stand. My bow season kicks off in a couple weeks too, but I too have promised myself I will not have a single pinch. Like Gibb said, less for the deer to smell plus less movement for them to detect by not moving around to spit or put in a fresh pinch. STS - 992: I used to have so many things that I thought I could not do or could not enjoy without dip. Apparently, it was all a lie that I convinced myself of. Yes, these associations we have between a specific activity and dipping are deeply ingrained in some cases, but they can be over came. Use whatever none tobacco/nic substitute you need help break the old association and perhaps start a new one. KS, I know you will survive hunting season without dip. Stay focused and keep tobacco/nic free. RWM -895- You won't dip and you'll be happy to prove that you can enjoy hunting without it. Like STS says, it was a lie. You'll feel anxious and have some hard pangs during some moments, but you'll forget about it most of the time.
  20. The Dump   Aug 19, 2019 Turd Pitchers:  Capt Kirk……….Day 91 I ain't dipping today Turd Catchers: Tiger - 2400 - Rolling up the quit days. Stay vigilant, the bitch is sneaky. PMFJ - RWM-895- Quitting with the Capt today. Gibb13- STS - 992: None of that shit for me either. FoodBuzz - Nick- 298- Nope, I'm not dipping today either. Dipping would be a very poor life choice. steve50
  21. Monday August 19, 2019         New Quitters sign here: Unchained - 76 - not today! NMFD!  Supporters: Gibb13-929- quit with UC today Nick- 298- Joining the quit club in here. STS - 992: No slavery for me RWM -895- Look ma, no chains.
  22. August 19 Quitters TroutSlayerr day 45 wont be dippin today fck that shit Supporters Nick- 298- Joining TS in an all day quit. STS - 992: Quit with TS RWM -895- NDT.
  23. If you quit between 7/25/2019 - 08/23/2019 this is your quit group. To join this group all you have to do is quit dipping and post Roll Call How to post roll call. (updated!) Get the Contract to Give Up Print it out and carry it in your wallet Click Here for a room to exchange phone numbers. Accountability is key August 19, 2019 Quitters- NewEnd78 - Day 23 - NFDT! Fish - Day 4. NMFDT! Palmer - Day 14 NDT! Supporters- Gibb13-929- NE off to a good start today. NDT Nick- 298- Looks like this quit train is rolling. Tiger - 2400 - How many fellow quitters' phone numbers do you have? If your quit is important to you, you better have some. And you better use them. FoodBuzz -597- Nice 2 weeks Palmer! I'm quitting with you all today. No dip in my lip. STS - 992: Congrats in 2 weeks Palmer. Keep up the good work Fish and NE. Oh, and congrats to Tiger above on 24-hundo. He got there one day at a time RWM 895 - There is no reason to use dip today. We don't need. We are all proof of that.
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