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  1. FoodBuzz -128- Staying dry! Only drinking in my dreams...give a whole other meaning to the phrase “night life” lol
  2. FoodBuzz -122- NAT! Frustrating I can’t copy and paste with my phone.
  3. FoodBuzz -119- Sober all day today
  4. FoodBuzz -118- Absolutely! NBT! sober all the way
  5. Thanks DH! I’ll be on KTC same FoodBuzz name. I’ll be supporting you when you toss the can. Hit me up Over there and Let’s make it happen!
  6. FoodBuzz -115- NAT! Nice big 5-0 P!!!
  7. FoodBuzz -114- No booze today
  8. Can’t paste roll. FoodBuzz -113- No booze today. Good to hit my meeting today.
  9. FoodBuzz

    Roll Call

    Weird, can’t paste roll. Anyway, FoodBuzz for 632 days keeping clean!
  10. FoodBuzz

    Roll Call

    09/21/19 FoodBuzz -630- NDT with you all. Site or no site the quit lives on. Very grateful for the support from this group and many other gents here. Feels good to know people have the same objectives against dip and improving life.
  11. No Booze Crew     ...where 1 is too many and 1000 isn't enough. 09/20/19 FoodBuzz -111- No booze friyay with P and Steve! PMFJ - 46 - Friyay! No booze Friyay! NAT! steve50-10x
  12. No Booze Crew     ...where 1 is too many and 1000 isn't enough. 09/19/19 FoodBuzz -110- I started here, but moved to KTC a bit after 100. Warm welcome, solid structure, great group. I’m going to move there full time. Gave my 2 cents about spinning up a new place...not for me. Time is rough as it is. I can’t be the guy who blast some post for a few days then ghost when work gets crazy. Think I’d create issues by doing that. Great group of peeps here though. Will miss. Still going to check in on you x boozers though PMFJ - 45 - There's a reason why we came here instead of KTC in the first place, right? So I'm going with the boys over to the new site. It will show on google eventually. Congrats to steve on 100 + days dry!! NAT! steve50-101 days dry AF- I'll be honest, I admire the individual effort SC is making to fire up a new site, but why? Is there a problem with KTC? Like it or not, KTC is a well oiled machine rolling in membership and participation. I'm not sure how livingdipfree.com can get off the ground when it doesn't appear in a Google search. What is the strategy for attracting members and how long do you suppose it will take to get a critical mass of quitters to make this more than a few well intended veteran quitters showing up to support it?
  13. FoodBuzz

    Roll Call

    DWLT - 621 - ND on Taco Tuesday! Bonanza - 618 - Somber day after reading the site closure note. This site has had a great impact on me and am saddened to see it go. Here's to a few more Taco Tuesdays until they shut the lights off! NDT! STS - 1,021: Hey Splintercell has already started a new quit site and some of us have already been posting over there as well. livingdipfree.com. PMFJ - 773 - Eat Tacos! Stuff face til u puke! NMFD! See ya at SC's place. FoodBuzz -626- Loving the TT with NDT, always ODAAT. Sad the lights are going out.
  14. Monday September 16, 2019         New Quitters sign  Unchained-xxx Supporters STS - Gibb13 - Nick- 326- What's going on here? UC, please let tell us you've made the HOF. RWM- FoodBuzz -627- UC sitting in HOF. Hope you got there man. Keep on quitting. Quitting with you today.
  15. G(Q)OATs - GreatestQuittersOfAllTime September 16, 2019 Palmer - Day 41 NDT Supporters: STS: 1,020 Quit with you guys Gibb13 -957- another day of quit ahead Nick- 326- I fixed the date. Keeping quit today. SC - 578 watching the Goats Kill it on QS FoodBuzz -627- Take this Quit ODAAT.
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