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  1. Dillhole, come quit booze with me :)

    1. Dillhole



      Don't know why I decided to log in just now.  I noticed we first joined the site in 2010.  About a month apart.  I'm struggling to give up dip.  I need to make a push.  Gonna keep looking in and try another attempt.  Out on vaca the next week, but gonna start looking in the following week.  Thanks for the invite, I'll jump on the no-booze page now.


  2. I am a supporter of quitters around the globe...Fredy knows that. First and foremost I will always support new quitters like Kevin. Today is the day to quit!
  3. Welcome Iwanttoquitfinally! I dipped for 25 years and smoked as well. In fact you'll see many similar stories here. My best advice is: water, rest (turn in early), if you can't sleep go walk or run, keep your mouth busy, post here daily to get encouragement every day that it is possible, and desire (always remember why you want to get rid of this crap). Post up in September Quit group. I'd love to see you there. FoodBuzz - 177 Days quit!
  4. Hi, When does the October group open up?
  5. Congrats Eutychus! What an accomplishment and so glad you’re here as a voice that this does work and quitting is possible to current quitters and those new who are debating if they should stop dipping today.
  6. Red, yep some craves come on pretty hard at times. I just keep reminding myself those times (which really was almost all the time) when it felt like I had to force my mouth to take a chew cause the rest of my body wanted to feel “normal”. Shoot I actually want to know what “normal” really feels like...been 25 years. There are days for me that feel normal...no chew and no craves. Shoot I really like those days!
  7. I think this place is awesome! I’ve seen so much benefit from it. Thank you so much for getting it started. I will help carry it on! Donation in the mail!
  8. Hi Melisa, Welcome! You found a great place where quitting is our goal. Pull up a chair, start posting roll, and remember we choose to quit so we can have a better life. Let us know if you have any questions, many here are glad to help! FoodBuzz -58 Days-
  9. Awesome job on 3 year man!!! We’re all glad to know of these milestones; helps us realize it is possible.
  10. Hey everybody! I signed up a few days ago in the April 2018 group. Sadly not the first time I joined a group. Had a good run back in 2010. Checked out my old groups,Tin Tossers, postings. Over the years regular post tapered off, but still saw a good chuck of people post just checking in to say they were still quit. Glad to see others continuing to carry the torch here. Thanks! Anyways I’m back and happier than ever to be here. I do recall a thread game, I stumbled upon it the other day, but can’t seem to find it again. Think it was called the Two Word Chain. Anyone know where that’s at? NDT!
  11. It's been a long time since I've quit chewing; however not nearly as long as others on the site. Back Story I started with smoking as a rebellious 14 year old to state my opposition to my parents' religion and to show that I was clearly not listening to good advice given to me from people with experience. I rejected "advice" from people because I grew up being taught things like "trust" and "friendship". When I was 14 my best friend had stolen a gun from his dad and brought it to school. We walked to school together every day, but on this day it was different. I saw him load the gun with the few bullets he had...not enough to fill the revolver, but enough for us to have a bit of fun. Next I realized he played russian rullet with me and pulled the trigger, but I was a lucky one. Since this isn't the focus of my speech I'll suffice to say it messed me up for a long time...smoking was just the beginning. I moved to chew because I found enjoyment in running and wrestling. I chewed for about 17 years...not counting a 2 year forced quit. Quitting for others When I was 19 years old I was faced with the decision to do a 2 year Mormon mission. I decided that doing this was the best thing for me in my life to "straiten" up; I knew what I needed to do to complete the 2 years. I lived up to the Mormon standards for 2 years, but I knew that my change in life was to please my parents. I came home and dipped right back into my previous habits. Quitting for Myself It's been 17 years and multiple failed attempts to get where I'm at today. A lot is contributed to this site and my support group Tin Tossers December 2010. I think one of the most important things that I've done and the advice (that I'm listening to) taught by this site is that I must quit for myself. This is where the change of heart comes in...it's you that needs to quit; not your wife/husband, not your family, and not your kids...it's you. Since I've quit (276 days to date) I've faced the toughest my life, marriage, and family has confronted; which has caused many fights. These fights and struggles are nicotine free and I'm so glad for that (although at times I do wonder why there isn't at least one more seed in my empty bag of spitz to chew on). Make the choice to do what you know is right, face your demon and conquer him/her. Make the change of heart happen that you know is long past due, do it for yourself... you deserve it; I did it and so can you. Appreciation Although I can't name everyone; I appreciate and am glad for my whole quit group (those that survived and those that didn't) the Tin Tossers of December 2010. Additional thanks to; Keithbg, Muddler, Ohioman, Ump, Dogtown, Broker, Adioskodiak, MysterC, Bound, the cottonball and mouthwash tip, Danimal, JMA, Marcus, MiloMike, Rickey, and so many other champions and failures who made me feel like I could do this (champions) and those who made me feel like now is the time (failures who I hope come back). Please make the change of heart and do it for yourself...I can't describe to you how worth it it is; please experience for your self. Food Buzz (Dip Free)
  12. Hey Keith. Just checking in to see how you're doing. Hope you're still buffing your car dipless.

  13. If chew didn't give me cancer, or was so disgusting and addicting I would have no reason to quit. We all need to quit because of these reasons...wanting to is what will get you there. I needed to quit 17 years ago, and always said I "wanted" to quit but now I know what wanting really means...I never really wanted to until now. If your reasons to need to quit are so important to you then your want to quit will push you along. Don't get me wrong there will be days of temptation and mind games...this is where you find out if your want to quit is a result of your need to quit.
  14. FMD I appreciate you writting out the difficulties you've had and the strength you've mustered not to begin dipping again. I've often thought what hardship would send me back into dipping again, but it's good to hear where someone else has been yet stayed strong. I feel bad to say that your post has brought me strength, but it has. I'm sorry for your situation and hope for the best for you and your daughters.
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