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  1. Here is an idea. Go to a sporting good store and buy a new mouth guard (not one that attaches to a face mask). Follow the instructions and have it molded to your mouth. Keep this mouth guard in your car and pop it into your mouth when you are driving. Seems silly but you will be surprised at how much relief a new quitter gets. You can chew on it, move it around, bite down real hard and basically hit those oral fixations we all have with dip. You can even keep it in a container of wintergreen mouthwash to get some flavor. It is cheap so what the heck? It is worth a try.
  2. After reading Curt Schilling's "Letter to My Younger Self" I propose that this would be a good section for this site. I think there should be a Letter's to a Younger Self section in the Welcome Center on the site. If you could, what would you say to yourself when you first pinched that dip between your fingers? I know what I would say to myself before that first dip lead to 24 years of dipping. I bet it would be similar to what you all would say. Just my two cents but i think it is a grand idea. Sweet Tony - 1,823
  3. I would like to thank the founders and current staff for this website. It was a huge asset in my quit and I have enjoyed my almost daily participation, such as it was. I am signing off. Good bye Sweet Tony Maine Day - 1,508
  4. Today is Day 1,480. Many on this site have been quit for much longer. Hunting and fishing without dip was/is the hardest part for me. And driving. But the fake stuff got me through the first couple of hunting and fishing seasons. I do miss it. BUT I look at it like all of the other things we have given up as we get older just because we should. Driving fast, going out and getting drunk every weekend, loose women, eating junk food, smokin'-poken'-and-token', gambling, drug use, etc. I look back fondly at all of those things I used to do. It was fun. But, we all get older and realize that we need to slow down a bit. Things get scratched off the list one by one. We mature. Do we give up everything? Nah, not everything. But we look more closely at the things we do and how it affects our lives and those of the people we love and we make the right choice. We are ex-dippers. We enjoyed it. Good times, man, good times. But the time has come to stop. I hope this helps.
  5. Welcome Hawkeye. I believe that you will find that all of us have experienced the same types of issues. We are all different and yet the same when it comes to dipping. I dipped for 24 years. Many here dipped for much longer. But we are all united in our will to quit. We welcome all. I recommend that you stay close to the site and use it as the useful tool that it is. You will find that you are not alone in your pain, your angst, and your enjoyment of reaching each goal you set for yourself. One minute at a time, if necessary.
  6. RR, I hear all of that. Just keep trying. You obviously want to quit dipping. Stop beating yourself up over this. You started dipping, it helped or you liked it or whatever. Fine. Now you no longer want to. Super! That is really great. Think positive. This is not the end of the world. You have two wonderful kids, you love hockey, and things are fine like wine. Now, you want to quit dipping. Great! Take a deep breath and relax a bit. This ain't no thing but a chicken wing. I suggest you use your tools. Use the fake stuff while you are playing hockey. I did it for hunting and fishing and it worked really well. Or tea bags. Or cotton balls with mint mouth wash. Don't be afraid to help yourself get through this. No one is perfect. Oh, and it wouldn't hurt to be proud of yourself. Let others know that you no longer dip. There is probably a long list of things you used to do that you no longer do. Like drinking. Or speeding. Or staying out all night with the guys. Whatever. Try thinking of dipping like that. You are an ex-dipper. You USED to dip. I LOVED dipping right up to the day I quit. I still love it. But it was time to grow up and stop doing it. Dipping is stupid and so are a lot of things that we used to love to do. It is time. Sweet Tony - Day 1437
  7. BigPappy "I do have a question for all you- Surprisingly I don't have a headache, but my jaw is killing me!! It didn't hurt when I was dipping, so I'm hoping that this is part of the withdrawl. Has anyone else had this?" I would liken it to sleeping on an old mattress for years then buying a new one. Your body isn't used to being in the right position so, at first, it hurts. Your lip and jaw is used to having something wedged in it. It is muscle memory and part of the healing process. It is a sign that you are already healing. It will go away.
  8. Moret, join a quit group. We are all in the same boat. Join a group to enjoy the full force of this community. You CAN quit.
  9. Hey, the Cafe is for bitching, right? I feel the need to write every so often. Seems to help. Been going through a long chronic illness that I now know will never go away. The doc's don't know what it is and pretty much ruins every part of my life. Would dipping make things better? For me, the answer is yes. Am I going to dip? The answer is no. Dipping is stupid. It is a bad drug and I am addicted to it. So, it is pretty much a push. If you fall off a 100 foot cliff and, on the way down, you were offered a dip would you take it? If my life is going to be full of pain and misery anyway dipping wouldn't make it worse. It might even make me feel better. No? Life is funny. Right now I would cut off a foot if it would cure me. I have seriously thought, several times, about driving my car into a concrete barrier. When they fix me up I might be cured. What's dipping to me? Nothing really.
  10. Good for you. Remember, you are not going though this alone. This site is full of people just like you. Lean on them. Learn from them. Use them. If you want to learn how to do something you go to an experienced teacher. Someone who knows what you are talking about and what you are going through. You are now learning how to quit. These people know how. Let them help you.
  11. I hear that traffic. Born and raised in Maine and I can tell you that NO ONE I knew or saw dipped or chewed until one guy moved up to Maine from FLA my freshman year in high school (thanks Jared!). Our school system didn't even have rules against dipping in school. Dip was sold in pharmacies down in one of the aisles (which made it real easy to steal, let me tell you). Even so, it was only .75 a can and anyone could buy it. Within months 30 or so of us were dipping and I dipped for the next 27 years. Dipping is stupid. Go ahead and quit. I LOVED dipping. Still do. But quitting is the smart thing to do. 1268 days for me.
  12. Thought I would pop in as well. Been a while. I am 1,188 days quit. I can say that, honestly, I have been going through some tough health-related issues that started prior to my quit and are still going on but I am still quit. Do I miss it? Yup, but that is my cross to bear, not yours. As I have said many, many times on this site I miss it like I miss driving fast, gambling, smoking, drinking, staying out late with the guys, loose women, drug use, and all of the fun things I used to do when I was young and didn't have a care in the world. Dipping was the last thing to go and go it did. Just like all of the other stupid things that I no longer do now that I am old enough to know better. Good times that I remember fondly and cherish. Dipping is for the stupid. If you are dipping you are stupid. You started dipping when you were 12 or 14 or 7 or 17. Are you as stupid now as you were then? How many other stupid things do still you do that you were doing when you were 12? Go ahead...name them. None, right? Time to grow up.
  13. Just popping in to see what's up. Medically speaking it has been a bit rough for me for the past few years and it looks like it is going to be so for the long run. I am not sure that I can make it that long but at least I am not dipping. I still miss it but my medical conditions have made life more difficult so I don't have time to miss it much. I was reading MLS and I hear what she is saying. Life can suck. The more people I meet the more I like my dog and I am halfway through my life (best case) and it seems to get worse as I go. The way I am going dipping is the least of my worrries but at least I am quit. Good luck quitters. Sweet Tony Day - 1,082
  14. I agree with most of what you have written. I romanticize dipping because I loved it. Were the things I enjoyed an excuse to dip constantly? You're goddamned right they were! As someone who never dipped in front of his family it was very liberating to not have to care. Fishing, hunting, golfing, etc. That was the reason for going to camp with the guys. We used it as an excuse to do everything we couldn't do in front of our families. As for thinking of only the good and not the bad I honestly, at 1,006 days of quit, do not remember any bad times. For me, every thing i did while dipping was more enjoyable because there were few things i could do while dipping. Don't get me wrong. I still enjoy all of these activities (except for driving) without dip. I am saying that I, personally, feel that there is something missing. My father is an alcoholic. He quit fishing because he quit drinking. He drank while he fished. It was his escape to his form of freedom. Could he fish without drinking? Of course. Does he? Nope. Sad, but true. THAT is truly a man with a problem. I have given up no activities. I just am being honest when I say that I am happy that I quit but that I miss it and I do not look at my fun activities in the same way. Unfortunately, there is no real help for this. As I have since day 1, I chalk my quit up as simply something that needed to be done. Dipping is bad. No one should dip. I quit dipping because I just should NOT be dipping. At 42 years of age I have given up many things that were bad for me and some I miss and some I don't. Dipping is one I miss.
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