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  1. Stay quit devil...You're gettin' close! Push on!

  2. just stoppin by to check up on ya devil...stay quit, feels great! Semper Fi

  3. congrats on the 100th day plus...I was out in the sticks and couldn't post

  4. keep it up devil! Looking good now that ur into the mid-30s

  5. Keep beatin' that bitch down one day at a time! fuckin' motivate me! Rah!!

  6. the days are adding up and so is the money I have saved, hope you are still rockin' along too

  7. Still in here kickin' some nic bitch ass...have a great week Devil

  8. was here checkin on ya...have a strong stay quit weekend

  9. My name is Chris and I have been dipping for just over 20 yrs. Copenhagen has always been my weakness but I have decided it is time to take my life back. I enjoyed what I thought was bliss for most of my life, but my 2 year old son brought me back to reality. Likes most others here, I have attempted to stop to only fall for the one more dip, one more day routine. I have done the roller coaster routine, as in go from 2 cans a day to 1 can every other day back to 2 cans. But with all my family and friends asking (pleading) for me to quit; showing me pictures of what could happen, and having others talk to me that have had to have surgery; I always said I would quit before I get that bad. To tell you the truth, watching my 2 year old son immitate me spitting, and him almost drinking from my bottle (sorry for the gross mental image), I was knocked to the floor. My actions are what my son is looking at to grow himself into. He will make up his own mind one day if he wants to chew or smoke, but from this moment on I will not be a reference point for him to pick up the habit. My wife is supportive and knows the bad side effects because she has been with me as I have put the can down for months at a time. That was before Aiden was born, this time it is for good because I have set my mind to it. I picked up this habit just before going into the Marine Corps while riding and working in the rodeo. It started as a part of the "outfit", but stayed with me even past my rodeo days. I know I will need all the help and support I can get. I WILL NOT CHEW AGAIN! I am looking forward to the freedom of my life back.
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