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  1. Chill's Miles Against Dip Jog Log Today's MAD: 1.2 Total MAD: 3976.2 Picked my 11 year old girl from school today and when we got home she was like, "What do you wanna do?" Me, "Go for a jog." she lit up and was like, "Yeah, yeah, let's go for a jog!" She had just done the mile a couple weeks ago for the Presidential fitness challenge deal, and finally had a good experience with running. So that is awesome. We're heading out for group "yoga-flow" at the YMCA in a few minutes too. We've both been vegetarian for a year, though there's been a lot of pizzas, pop, shakes, fries, etc. and we're taking it to the next level now and actually eating healthy vegetarian and exercising a lot. Today we decided we'd become health nuts this summer!
  2. Chill's Miles Against Dip Jog Log MAD:3 Total MAD: 3954 Left, right, repeat
  3. Chill's Miles Against Dip Jog Log Today's MAD: 2.5 Total MAD: 3951.0 I went for a little neighborhood jog with the dog in the morning, and also biked a couple miles in the evening with the wife and daughter. Not too shabby!
  4. Chill's Miles Against Dip Jog Log Today's MAD: 2.2 Total MAD: 3948.5 Took my gut out for a jog. My nice running shirt is now too small, belly hangs out a bit. Saw a reflection on some office windows and thought, whoa, I'm that guy?! I just had to laugh!
  5. Chill's Miles Against Dip Jog Log Today's MAD: 3 Total MAD: 3946.3 I am improving my eating game immensely.
  6. No Booze Crew ...All or nothing 4.12.17 Chill - 1 YEAR today - Let's just say it's been a rebuilding year. Hurray for me!
  7. Chill's Miles Against Dip Jog Log Today's MAD: 2.3 Total MAD: 3943.3 Sunshiney, calm and just under 40 degrees this morning. I am taking this week off of work while my daughter is on spring break. Beautiful along the shores of Gleason Lake. Geese, ducks. Took a couple walking breaks not because I was tired or sore, but because I wanted to enjoy the bright, peaceful morning more, make it last longer. But alas, the world beckons. I have been vegetarian this time around for about a year now, and have managed to put on about 30 extra pounds in that time. I've got a belly, a fat face, and my hands often feel like pins and needles undoubtedly due to poor blood circulation. It's time to take a serious look into that situation. I'm sure it has more to do with lack of exercise in general, and jogging in particular rather than diet, but it's all connected. Too many pizzas, nachos, pop, milk, milkshakes, fries and not enough jogging, biking and getting outside. Work, for me, starts at 5:30 a.m. and during that time I am on my feet and working a fairly physical job. By quittin' time, usually 2-3 p.m. I'm pretty bushed and it's also time to pick up my daughter from school take care of her. It leaves precious little time & energy left over for recreational exercise. Plus, about the only thing I feel less like doing than exercising after the workday is preparing a healthy meal. Pop in a pizza, plop down and relax. Rinse, repeat, get up at 4:30 a.m. the next day and do it all again. Something's gotta give. So I'm looking into different job / schedule / lifestyle situations figuring out how to make healthy eating and enjoyable exercise sustainable.
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