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  1. Dave, QSSN has been an integral part in helping me quit. I feel the donation I just submitted does not begin to pay for the positive impact this site has brought to my life. Thanks for everything you and the staff have done over the years. Hopefully others will step up and donate what they can.
  2. I hate to say it Moto but you need to man up. It's easy to find excuses but all the excuses are is your nicotine addiction controlling your life and saying it is OK to cave. If you're serious about quiting you should think about avioding triggers such as drinking. Find a replacement for dip, try gum, sunflower seeds, cotton balls sooked in mouthwash, anything that will prevent you from putting that poison between your check and gum. Stay quit. Tim
  3. I start my day off by kicking nicotine in the face, I SAID IN THE FACE!!!

  4. Hey Irish come on back and give us an update. We're here to help.

    1. TechDude


      Are you going to let this addiction get the best of you?

  5. Yeah, get back in here, Brainiac.

    1. TechDude


      Thanks for the message - I saw it a while back in my email. Your simple one liner got me thinking, "I can quit again". I'm ready and prepared. Thanks for the nudge to come back; it worked!

  6. Where did u go tech? It's ok to quit again!

    1. TechDude


      Thanks Maverick - I needed a reminder that it was OK to quit again. I'm back and this time I will be smarter and stronger then my addiction. One day at a time - NDT.

  7. I was dippin' a tin + a day. So I estimate I was spending about $40 dollars a week Here's my breakdown - $5.50 a tin - $41.25 a week - $165.00 a month - $2145.00 a year (I remember when I started a tin was less then $1.50)
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