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  1. I doubled yesterday with chest back and ARX in the a.m. and Plyo after work.....now it's off to do shoulders and arms.
  2. Yeah, it does look awkward....I'm gonna finish this round then think about X2. Finished Kenpo this morning....love the easy ones.
  3. I bought the set and did the yoga but that's it......I haven't bought all the extra stuff thats needed yet. I've been off the exercise a while and decided to finish a round of P90X before trying the X2. Did Week 1 yoga today......
  4. Just finished Day 3 Shoulders & Arms & ARX.........Crap, I'm sore....I knew it would be bad but I guess I repressed that memory.....Come on week 2!!!
  5. I just started a round of P90X. Today was day 2 Plyo........first time in several months since injuring my knee......worst part of Plyo was hot foot.....never thought I'd say that.
  6. I never had that happen....... ....I'm off to begin recovery week, and taking a weeks vacation also.
  7. Gah...my legs are so friggin sore they're probably gonna fall off!!! Punishment for my taking off so long!!!
  8. OK, I fell off the wagon and I'm ready to get back on it again...... It's amazing how a couple of days off and lame excuses can turn into a couple weeks off with no excuses. Picking up where I left off tonight.
  9. Friggin Awesome man.... Congrats on the weight loss!! Legs, Back and ARX this morning for me.......I was totally wiped out from yesterday so my numbers were down today from last week but I did the best I could...!!
  10. Rock on Avant!~ You done brung it! As for me, Think I'm about Day 30-ish....yesterday morning knocked out Back & Biceps & Ab Ripper X as well as an hour and a half of Yoga X!!!
  11. Plyo Yesterday...........Maren is the one I want to learn more about.... A quick google search indicates she's hard-core.
  12. Skipped yesterday. So, today did legs and back followed by ARX then Kenpo. Done for the week.
  13. round 2, week 6, day 1 - Chest, Shoulders, triceps. Sorry I've been lax about posting in here. I'm in the game, though. I dropped Kenpo in favor of running. On rainy days i do Plyo when called for, otherwise I plan on running. We're getting my 13 yr old son ready to ace the Presidential fitness test. In September he ran/walked a 9:45 mile (bad shoes to boot). Yesterday he ran a 7 minute mile. He needs to shave ten second off of that by mid May. I know this isn't a running thread, but I'm on a post-workout high and can't seem to be able to stop typing! I ran an 8K last year and a 12 yo won it by running sub-7 minute miles!!! That's pretty fast considering the stride is probably much shorter than us old folks stride.... Good on you for getting your boy into something other than playing video games!!!!
  14. My biceps are so sore they hurt when I touch them. DId Yoga X this morning early.....now time to hit the sack.
  15. Started Phase II Saturday with Chest Shoulders Tris and ARX.... Sunday was Plyo (Sigh), This morning early was Back & Biceps and Ab Ripper X..... I'm gonna be sore!! Oh how I've missed back and biceps....
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