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  1. Colin27

    259 days with No Dip

    It is now 468 days with NO DIP. It top off my weight gain at 314lbs and am now down to 279.4 lbs. That means I have lost the 20lbs I lost the 4 month of my quit again!!! I still get tempted on "bad" days to chew or binge eat, but one day at I time I fight it. I still sign in regularly with the Q^2 Can Crushers and I log my daily weight along with my days without chew. The group has been very supportive of my quit and my weight control. Keep up the fight every day and enjoy and celebrate the daily victory!!
  2. 426 days with ND. I commit not to Dip Today

  3. It feels soooo good to be Quit Today

  4. Braces in both ankles, but free of Dip

  5. I could really use a positive event

  6. I could really use a positive event

  7. Thought of my friend when "always look on the bright side of life" was song at the Olympics in London. This is what his wife had playing while watching old photo's of his life. The whole room whistled together.
  8. Using Zero Can's per day

  9. Using Zero Can's per day

  10. At day 259 my teeth are not much of an issue anymore!! I have failed at the diet up until now. I have stayed Nicotine free!!!
  11. I was looking over some of my Blog entries and figured it might be a good idea to do another update to support what I have been through up to now. Since my first day with No Dip, I have traveled to Europe and South Africa and spent New Years in New Orleans. I have lost a good friend and 20lbs. I gained the 20lbs back, but have stayed Dip free. There are days and even weeks that I think I have this behind me and don’t need to worry about it again. I then discover I am wrong as a fight a craving when something in life pop’s up and I feel like I need to deal with it or change my emotional state. It’s times like these that I remember that I am an addict. I have a permanent condition that requires that I log-in and commit myself every day to NOT DIP. I am learning that every day I overcome this addition is a victory. Every day I live without tobacco, is I day that I win. By overcoming this addiction one day at a time, it slowly stops being a handicap and it transforms me into a better person, who is living a better life. At 259 days, I am 300lbs. This is not the end. I will overcome my food addiction one day at a time. I will gain control of my weight and my physical condition. I will use my daily victory over tobacco to support my physical condition instead of abusing myself with food and other “escapes” that don’t benefit me. I will stop using my tobacco addiction as an excuse for other bad habits. I will win this battle today. I will get up on day 260 and win the battle again….. I can win today because I have a great group – Q^2 Can Crushers (feb-2012) – who have supported me. I hope my words can support you to make it just one day. Just today, no more dip. Just make it today.
  12. I will stay alive today - I will not DIP -

  13. On day 111 of Quit I am looking back at what the first week was like - I have climbed that mountain and I will not fall down...
  14. Just focus on no dip today.... no dip today

    1. hgilmore


      No nicotine, no nicotine. You arent addicted to dip.

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