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  1. Welcome 5-STAR, thanks for sharing your story. I'm one day behind you, in the same group. I hope the initial suck has let up on you a little bit by now. You are doing great so far.
  2. Thanks for the encouragement. I love that phrase, so much so, that my son (the one mentioned in my post) is named Joshua because of it. He was born on the 24th...how's that for coincidence. (Joshua 24:15) In any case, my quit is trucking right a long, the worst days are behind me now.
  3. Thanks for having me. I had a successful quit of 3-4 months under my belt, with just a few lingering cravings when my 2nd son was born. On the way home from the hospital that night (on my own), I stopped for gas and celebrated privately by buying a can of dip. How fucked up is that? Within 1 week I was dipping 24 hours a day again. (looking back, I should have been more prepared for this to happen, since the increased stress of a new baby was predictable). I'm now Day 7 into a cold turkey, and feeling pretty good about it. It has been uncomfortable, but I have a "calm" about it that I did not have the first time around. I know that not everyone is religious or Christian, but I am. As one of the 1000 dayer's put it, dipping is not inherently sinful, but the shame involved is definitely not good for your spiritual life. Ultimately, I realized that I was lying a lot, and putting dip before God. That is definitely not good, and it is something I wanted to change. jordanny
  4. You're definitely amongst people here who understand how hard it is to quit, but also how important it is as well. You have what it takes. Welcome!
  5. Thanks guys, I usually did well in the 1-45 day range on previous attempts. I find the initial physical effects to be manageable like a flu (most of us have been able to overcome a bad flu before). Dropping the patch has been a non-event in the past, so I'm hopeful that will repeat. The real hump for me is the 90-100 day range. Joining this group at QS for me was more about having support during that period and beyond. Its in that range that I start to get dreams, the blues, feel entitled, and have continuous cravings. I'm certain if I can get over that hump, I'll be able to stay free forever.
  6. Hi Folks, After caving from a previous attempt, my wife found this site and passed it along to me. At first, I wasn't so sure. However, after reading A LOT of stories that sounded like my own, from people not so different than myself, I realized it might not be a bad idea to get involved. I don't want to write a book intro, but I just wanted to say that most other smokeless tobacco warning and information sites seem to be written by people that have never come close to chewing tobacco. Reading this site was the first time I saw people speaking the true language of what its like, and how difficult it is to quit. So yesterday I picked up a box of 17mg nicoderm patches and started day 1 today. I've been through this a few times, so I'm cautiously optimistic, and mostly just want to stay focused on the goal. Btw, I've used lozenges, gum, patches, and chantix on different occasions. The patches were the method I was most resistant to trying at first, but actually turned out to be the easiest and most effective during previous quits. Chantix did work for me, but after seeing my neighbor get some much more serious side effects from it (after I recommended it)...I decided I would rather do the patches again. I'll do step 2 patches, and then step 3. (14 days each) Not keen on the gum or lozenges because they are simply too easy to get out of control. You find yourself having to kick two habits at the same time (the chew, and the damn quit-smoking aids!).
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