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  1. You are all probably right. Everything you say makes sense and yes there is no doubt I am addicted and know I don't want to start over. Thanks for the feedback I was just curious if anyone had tried the same.
  2. Has anyone every tried to dip only once a week? Like give yourself a reward on the 7th day or something like that, until you can kick the habit all together. Can that work? Don't boo me on this it's just a question. I quit 4 days ago and made myself a deal that if I make it until Saturday which would be day 7 that I could have one dip while hanging with some friends. Unfortunately I am really looking forward to it and so far so good. The cravings have not been that bad because I know Saturday is coming. a few weeks in a row I told myself I was quitting period and by the 2nd day I had started back up. I guess the question is: Is that strategy one that could work? I know it might not be a popular strategy, but eliminate your bias towards saying your a douche bag just quit and think about it logically. I know some people who smoke cigars like 1once a month and they are not addicted. Is there anyone out here there that successfully dips when they want to and is not addicted. This is a serious question, because I am almost at day seven. Great site!
  3. Good luck man! I just started on here day 4 for me. Day 2 was pretty bad and then the next 2 were allot easier. My test will be next weekend. Hope you make it.
  4. Yesterday I gave in around noon and had 1 after margaritas. That just took the resistance right after me. I threw the can away soon after. Nothing today. Tuesdays are just rough days for me.
  5. Quit yesterday at 5:00 CST. I have quit about 10 times before and even once for a year or more, but I always come back. I have switched from Cop to Red Seal, etc.. all deals I made with myself to get rid of the habit. This time I hope to win I have been down to about 1 dip a day for 6 months or so and every Monday I quit, maybe this time I won't pick up a can on Tuesday. I don't plan on it but that 2nd day is the roughest. I hope that if I write on here that I will not dip tomorrow that I can get the day two stump behind me. I am good for today, not even really feamin. It's tomorrow that I worry about. I bet I have bought a can and thrown it away after 1 dip about 3 times a week for 6 months. Now that's flushin money down the drain. My wife thinks I am crazy and my kids must think I am weak because they have asked me to stop. So here it goes: Tomorrow I will not dip, Wednesday I will not dip and all this week and weekend I will not dip. I will let you know how it goes. I hope I don't have to admit failure, but I will be honest. This sucks why can't snuff be good for you like grapefruit juice and oranges???????? Anything that you ever want this much always has to kill you.... Jeez. Im 35 dipping on and off since I was about 17. Day 1.
  6. I hope you make it man. I quit yesterday too. I have made every deal with myself to quit imaginable. The deals never work. I quit for 2 years once then I got drunk camping and took a dip and was back on like I never left it. I think just put it down and never pick it back up is the only thing that works. I live in TX too so there's two things in common. Let's give this thing the boot.
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