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  1. I ran out of cope last Wednesday (8-03-2011) and decided i was done buying cans. A good friend of mine and his wife had been hounding me to stop and that seemed like as good a time as any. I told myself that i wanted to quit before my kids turned 3, their 3rd birthday is September 6th. Guess it looks like i might meet my goal. I have been chewing copenhagen long cut since i was about 15 years old, i am 29 now. I dont want my son to think it is the cool thing to do since he see's dad doing it. I work nights, and tonight has been a rough one. I have been tempted a couple times to get a can, i just keep thinking about the kids and making good on my promise to myself. Stumbled across this site looking for suggestions on ways to curve my cravings. Was chewing the nicotine gum but ran out of that around thursday evening. I have found alot of the things i really liked before while chewing i dont enjoy the flavor of as much anymore, Beer being the main one. I enjoy making beer and it looks like i might have to start making some different ones. Sorry for the ramblings, but glad to be here. Mark
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