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  1. Day 1. Again. I know how easy it is to fall back into the trap now. I AM GONNA GO THE DISTANCE THIS TIME

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    2. mongrel


      So post roll in July and get busy quitting. Everyone here wants to see you succeed.

    3. Lizzle


      Good luck T, hope you find your groove trying to go solo again.


    4. SerenityMan


      What's the distance? If it's more than today, you're a better man than I am.

  2. Day 3. Worse than Day 2. Makes me dread Day 4

    1. Renegade


      Day 4 will be better. Don't you just hate what this crap has put you through? Don't let it beat you. Kick its tail down the road! I promise you can do it and the worst is behind.

      Renegade out

    2. Kentendo64


      I'm in the same boat as tclearman. I started on the 15th. I've got nic gum, but it ain't helping. I had no idea it would be this bad. But I'm going to stick to i.

  3. Day 2 & Dyin

    1. Flavius Victor

      Flavius Victor

      I would argue that for this first time in a long time, you are actually "living".

    2. SerenityMan


      You aren't unique. We all went through it. It gets better. Stay teachable and follow suggestions.

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