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  1. Let's see. I lost my job, with no work for 30 days. I spent 30 days in prayer and online looking and applying for everything I could. Very few interviews. Issues with wife and kids. I now have 2 jobs, 1 full and 1 part to make up for lost wages. I work with a dipper that puts a dip in next to me all the time. I am still dip free though.

    1. Ohioman1972


      God is good. All the time!

    2. FarmChick34


      as you said, maybe you're my new encouragement! Hang in there buddy!


    3. Colin27


      We are with you BigRed - Be glad to help any way I can- you made my quit a success!

  2. BigRed

    The Cafe - 2012

    What is your plan to keep the quit during the super bowl? Many of us will be with friends and family for the game. Some of those people will have a smoke or a chew around us. What are you plans for this - What are you backup plan. How many numbers do you have of fellow quitters? Remember - keep the quit no matter what. If you feel like caving call a quit brother. If you have a crave call a quit brother. Have crave killers with you at all times this weekend.
  3. If you want my back story, read most of the HOF speaches - only no cancer scares. Over 1/2 of my life I have been dipping. Instead I want to give tips on how I quit. Most of the tips came from others on this site, I simply compiled the ones that helped me. 1) I worked my way down to a quit, not cold turkey. I got some fake snuff and went from (1 fake to 3 real dips) to (3 fake to 1 real dips) over about a week. You can get fake snuff at Wal-Mart style stores or any smoke shop. 2) I kept a couple of dips in my last real can - just in case (yes it was stupid). Ohioman told me to flush the dip and destroy the can. Use a hammer, golf club, bat, gun, car, get creative. I actually felt a head rush when I flushed the can - like I was free of a mental curse or something. Seeing that can smashed in my back yard gave me a sence that I have the power over the can - it was out of my life. 3) I got cell numbers from the site. They saved me countless times. I also believe that I helped them as well. No one that has never dipped knows what you are going through. We do, use and abuse us. 4) Have crave killers with you. Fake snuff, seeds, gum, breath mints, snacks, cotton balls soaked in mouthwash, ice tea bags, ...... Whatever works for you. Heck use them all - just keep the crap out of your mouth. 5) WATER. The more water you drink the faster the tobacco gets out of your system. It is also good for you. 6) Tell your family you will be a prick / bastard for at least a week and you are sorry and will make it up to them. Cause you will be, and you will need to make it up to them. 7) You will get: - rage - fog - lack of sleep - poor job performance - anxiety - stress - nervous energy - (insert withdrawal symptom here) What you are feeling is normal, but it totally blows. It will go away, some take longer than others but they do go away. 8) Your family does not know. Your friends and co-workers probably do not know. We know what you are going through. Use us. Abuse us. Get our phone numbers so you can txt or call during the day when a crave is ready to rip you a new one. Call fellow quitters every name in the book, heck invent a few if you need to. Do whatever it takes to keep the quit. 9) POST ROLL. 10) POST ROLL EVERY DAY. 11) DID I MENTION POST ROLL EVERY DAY? Everyone that I know of that stopped posting roll so far has caved and gone back to dip or smokes. I am sure that there are some that have made it on their own, but I don't know of any. Most of us quitters have tried and failed before on our own. The support from this site has kept us quit. 12) You are an addict. Get used to it. There is no 1 dip and done for you. You have to constantly be on your guard. 13) You will always have craves. You will be able to handle them better in the future. Well, you will learn that when a crave hits hard you contact a fellow quitter and they will talk to you and the crave goes away. 14) This site only works if you use it. This site can and will help you, but the first step is up to you.
  4. But..... it has a yellow tinge. What's that all about???? Although the water is a bit warmer for some reason.....
  5. Is this the new 'shout box'?
  6. Congrats on coming to this site. Do me a HUGE favor and change your motivator from doing it for your wife, to doing it to save your life. From my experience, if you quit for someone else - you have an excuse to dip in the future if the two of you have a fight, sort of an F-U dip. If you are not ready to do this for yourself for real, you will probably fail. I have tried and failed a couple of times in the past as I did it for other people. Best advice I have for you is to get phone numbers from this site. This is your support group and instant help a phone call or txt away.
  7. I don't believe that your plan will work. I have quit a couple of times in the past and have always caved due to the - one dip can't hurt mentality. Best advice I have heard here is to take that can you have hiding some where in your house or car. Dump the contents in the shitter and flush it away. Take the empty can out side and beat the crap out of it with a hammer / bat / golf club / whatever you can find. Not sure why but when I did this process this time, it was like telling the world that I was done with this crap and never going back. I also got several phone numbers to txt fellow quitters. Venting to fellow quitters going through the same stuff I was at the time really helped. By day 7 you have the tobacco out of your system. Do you want to repeat what you have gone through these last 7 days again?
  8. greetings fellow 8-25-11 quitter. I will tell ya, the best way to do this is with friends. The best friends you can get are fellow quitters, like the ones on this site. pm me and we can txt back and forth to get through craves - or if you need someone to vent to or just simply tell to f**k off every now and again. Other people to pm to get cell phone numbers from are in this forum: http://forum.qssn.org/index.php?showtopic=1519 I also have been feeling off, as in depressed this last couple of days. I am doing a little better this afternoon, but was in a real funk this morning. I took a 30 min nap at lunch and seem to be doing better now. I am using Smokey Mountain. No real problems with it, other than it reminds me of syrup and leaves - have to lick or wipe off fingers after I put one in. I am able to get it in several places where I live. LIke Eutychus said, you have to do this for you. If you are doing it for someone else, you will resent them or use being angry at them as an excuse for dipping again. I caved once a few years ago for that reason. It took several years before I tried to quit again. Post in the Dec 2011 HOF group in Roll Call if you have not - become one of us (bwa ha ha ha <insert evil laughter>)
  9. My last dip was 8-25-2011. I am on day 4 of no tobacco. I am 38 and have been dipping on and off since age 17. I have quit in the past, but do not remember the withdrawal symptoms being to bad. I am at work and keep nodding off. I have to keep getting up and walking around to stay awake. I would love an energy boost but cannot / will not use one of those energy shots or drinks. I am using an Herbal snuff for now to get over the real thing. Not sure how long I will keep up with the Herbal. I live in the middle of Nebraska and by law am a huge UNL Husker football fan.
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