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  1. I don't feel like today is the day I quit but you never know I only got quarter can left which maybe is a dip for me..and I'm outta cash one of my friends said they would get me a can and a part of wishes that my buddy won't get me a can. Just trying to think of stopping is stressful as hell.

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    2. chuck m

      chuck m

      K that was pretty good


    3. BLG


      That's a knee slapper. I wouldn't have thought of it. So yeah, Country, just got to dump it in the toilet, flush, and take it one day at a time.

    4. bman


      Do it now, its the only way. My other advise, get really drunk and you'll feel so shitty the next morning that you won't feel like dipping. that will at least take care of the first couple of hours of freedom from the can.

  2. Started about 13 and I'm 16 now and I'm chewing a can a day and I hope someday I can quit for good.
  3. Good luck quitting man! I hope that at some point I can quit too.
  4. Hello everyone, I just signed up and well as that title says I am 16 years old and I chew usually a can a day. I need to stop last week I broke two teeth by eating pie. And well I have high blood pressure stage hypertension 2. I have chewed on and off since I was about 13 and the last year I have chewed full time a can a day. My parents well my dad doesn't know I chew and my mom does and she is disappointed but doesn't want to tell my father. Please don't bash my parents or anything I just want advice and help. I am a full blown hick drive an F-250 and I live in the country. Anyways back to chew, I have tons of friends that can buy for me and all my friends chew. I started chewing because of stress mainly when I injured my shoulder... I now need a shoulder reconstruction and I lost everything, I can't play sports and my medical won't cover my physical therapy so I am just screwed and there went my dream of college football. So after the injury I started chewing all the time. Chew it isn't bettering me any but I just can't seem to stop and when I try I am a complete A**hole to everyone and just give then go get a can. I'm looking for any advice and help I can get I would like to stop but to be honest I love to chew it's like part of me I have chewed since I was young and it's grown on me. I've decided this is my last attempt to stop if this doesn't happen well f*ck it I will keep chewing it makes me happy and gets me through hard times. I have a fat lip of Grizzly Wintergreen in right now as I'm typing this..I've tried to chew snuff that is non tobacco like Smokey Mountain Snuff but it doesn't help at all. So please don't bash me or my parents or say I should tell them I need help or something. Because this is my battle I'm going to fight it not my parents...just me. So please don't bash or I will simply delete my account and continue to chew which I do not want. I will be checking on this site everyday from now. So please talk to me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
  5. I'm 16 and I chew, I need any words of wisdom please. I live in the country and I'm in highschool and I'm a jock all my friends chew and well I've chewed on and off since I was 13 and I wanna stop. So please if anyone at all has anything that could help me stop please say it. I need motivation and I have none at all I have a dip in right now Grizzly Wintergreen and I don't have much hope on this site but I thought I might as well try.

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    2. chuck m

      chuck m

      country - flash is right this is a marathon not a sprint. I commend you or your intelligence to quit now while you are younger. This site will provide the tools, you need to bring the determination, do it one day at a time and you will make it.

    3. ThatCountryBoy


      I appreciate it fellas, only got a quarter can left and I ain't got any cash today..so I will be out before the night is over. Now let's see if I will be able to make it tonight or just get pissed off and get a can in the morning.

    4. Wyoming4life


      You have to WANT to Quit, You have to NEED to Quit. If your thinking you maybe might want to someday try to Quit maybe. Then this is not for you. That crap your putting in your mouth is pure poison. It poisons your mind as much as your body. If you really want to Quit then Quit! we can help. For starters spit that crap out now, toss the can and show some balls when your "friends" try to feed you some, tell them no thanks. It's your life, take control of it


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