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  1. My sleep is majorly fouled up. I am on day 5 of no nicotine. I feel really pretty good. Peppier during the day than I have in years. No chew fueled crash requiring naps or coffee or sugar to keep going. The bad part--I wake up at night. Four, five, six times a night. Sometimes it's to go pee. Mostly, it's I just feel like I'm done sleeping. WTH? After three hours? Really? I'm 43. Haven't been a good sleeper in years. Had a sleep study and wasted 1800 dollars to hear "you have restless legs but nothing severe" Probably caused by too much nicotine. I'm really looking forward to going to bed at 10, sleeping until I want to get out of bed, and not having to be up at the crack of 530 am to stuff my face full of chew for an hour and half before school starts... So please, people...tell me my sleep will straighten out. And tell me when!
  2. 4.5 today...outside..sunshine...almost 32 F!
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