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  1. Hey all, I'm Brandon. I'm 18 years old and am thinking about trying to quit... again. I've been doing Copenhagen long cut since I was about 14. I know I'm pretty young compared to most of you but it gives me hope to see guys who have quit after 20+ years and I'm glad I found this website. Its hard to find other High Schoolers willing to quit and the whole chewing thing is still a sore subject around my family so I'm glad to find supprt. I have a few concerns about problems I faced before and was woundering how you guys got through it: I feel like it's a part of me and its what I'm known for. Its hard to explain but I'm sure you guys understand. That feeling of something in my lip. Its just a comforting feeling. Its just a feel good feeling to chew and I just doubt anything could take its place. Please let me know how you guys got through it all, and any advice you may have. Also has anyone used the chew substitutes? (Hooch, Golden Eagle etc.?) Did they work and which one is best? Thanks for the support.
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