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  1. If you quit between 6/24/2019 - 07/24/2019 this is your quit group.  To join this group all you have to do is quit dipping and post Roll Call How to post roll call. (updated!) Get the Contract to Give Up Print it out and carry it in your wallet  Click Here for a room to exchange phone numbers. Accountability is key   July 18, 2019 Quitters-  Sportsfan99 Day 1 not sure if I did this right but I am quitting all forms of nicotine today that includes dip, snus and nicotine gum I have to quit ODDAT   Supporters: Gibb13-897- you did it right Sportsfan99. Welcome to your first day of freedom. You'll find lots of good support in here. ODAAT RWM - 863 - Make your solemn promise to remain quit for the rest of the day. Do whatever it takes to uphold that promise. Read, send PMs, ask for some phone numbers and a number of supporters are right there with you. That way support can continue away from the site. Come back first thing tomorrow morning and make your promise again. CraigMac6- Day 1446- Great decision SportsFan99. We can go on and on about do this, do that, this will happen, that will happen, blah blah blah. But if you take anything away from your quit please remember this; Your LIFE will be BETTER WITHOUT nicotine. Yes that wont happen right away but over time, after many hours of pain, suffering, headache and even tears; all of it will be worth it in the end. You just need to stick around long enough to see for yourself. Keep posting, Stay close to this site, find a quit brother and most importantly fight to regain your freedom again. See you tomorrow brother! NDT!
  2. Angry Quitters - Sick of Slavery   July 18, 2019 Quitters - sign here: STS - 960: Back at my desk and quit as hell. ODAAT. CraigMac6- Day 1446- Awesome work brother. Nice to see you doing well! Quit as hell with you boss. NDT!
  3. January HOF - sign here: July 2019  bflem- 1,37X CraigMac6- Day 1446- Dang haven't opened the daily quit promise in someone else's group in a lonnngggg time. Thanks for the honors, sir Bflem! NDT!
  4. July 16, 2019 Quitters: CraigMac6- Day 1444/ Day 2 Thanks for stopping in Mr. Bflem. I hope you are doing well and it is very nice to see you still around here as well. Gosh, how quickly the time goes brother. Not long ago we were on here stressing over the 1 year mark. Life rolls on, thats for sure, but its much better without the dip. I came here yesterday because this is a place I feel very comfortable "letting it all out" so to speak. I'm a pretty private guy and don't have a lot of people I trust enough to let into my circle. I thank you all for letting this place be one where I can vent without being judged. Here I am on day two. Things are going well. I know deep down I no longer want gambling to be in my life. There are certain triggers that I must recognize and attack immediately. Often times I let those triggers build up and build up until I that self control. I have reached out for help outside of this forum as well, in hopes of truly becoming gambling free. I know I can't do it alone but I also know I can do it. The day I gave up dip was the day I proved to myself anything is achievable with the right mindset and determination. I will check in again tomorrow gents. Thanks again for all your support. NDT! NGT! SUPPORTERS: bflem-1,37X
  5. July 15, 2019 Quitters: CraigMac6- Day 1443- Hello All. I hope everyone is doing well and your quits are going as strong as ever. I have some good news and some bad news. Lets start with the good news. I'm a couple of weeks away from being 4 years quit. Gosh, where does the time go?! After that first year, it seems the quit just flies by. Having said that, I have fell off the wagon for a couple of months now with my gambling addiction. It's gotten pretty bad honestly. As the case with most of us, my addictive personality just craves an addiction. 4 years ago it was gambling and dip. Now its just gambling. I need to replace that addiction with something positive instead. I could come up with a thousand excuses as to why i started gambling again, but I'll save myself the pitty party and instead just pick up the pieces and start attacking this addiction, ODAAT. I have a plan, just as I did with my quitting of dip. Again, I needed to come clean because even though I'm not here as much as I was before, you are all my brothers and I know letting out my "inside feelings" is vital to a successful quit. Hope all of you are well and I will see you soon! NDT! NGT! SUPPORTERS:
  6. Congrats on a milestone number. 1000 days is fantastic. 

    1. CraigMac6


      thanks brother. it would have never happened without all the help here at QS!

  7. TODAY: 5.26.17 Gambling Addict(s): CraigMac6- Day 150- gotta be duf...dont want to go back to that life. Its not worth it. NGT! Supporters: bfleM-ngt! Duf - Howd i know youd still be here? Bad ass MoFo
  8. TODAY: 5.15.17 Gambling Addict(s): CraigMac6- Day 139- NGT! Supporters: bfleM-
  9. TODAY: 5.12.17 Gambling Addict(s): CraigMac6- Day 136- Finally getting back on track with finances but that will bot deter me from focusing on beating my addiction. ODAAT. NGT! Supporters: bfleM-
  10. TODAY: 5.8.17 Gambling Addict(s): CraigMac6-Day 133- saw a few games on yesterday but they don't interest me. NGT! Supporters: bfleM-
  11. No Booze Crew ...where 1 is too many and 24 isn't enough. 5..17 Duf - 2yrs- and counting- Supporters: Craig- You are a better man today than you were two years ago and many, many, many people refuse to make that improvement. That's what winning feels like. Being willing to do things others are not. My hats off to you sir as you continue this battle day by day. Have a great weekend sir. NBT!
  12. TODAY: 5.4.17 Gambling Addict(s): CraigMac6-Day 129- NGT! Supporters: bfleM-ngt!
  13. TODAY: 5.3.17 Gambling Addict(s): CraigMac6-Day 128- NGT! Supporters: bfleM-ngt!
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