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  1. I found this wonderful organization in August of 2012.  I stumbled onto it because I was attempting to quit dipping after 42 yrs.   My mind was hazzy and I had difficulty concentrating.  I wondered if I was having normal withdrawal symptoms which led me to consult the internet, and I found this site.  The support on this site definitely enabled me to stay "quit."  I remember dreaming several times that I had a dip in my mouth and was spitting it out and wondering how it got there.  

         I was very envious of those who had reached the 10 day mark of quitting.... then the 20 days, and eventually 100 days.  Staying off the nicotine for 7 years has been one of my favorite life accomplishments. Good luck to all of you who have decided to regain control of your body.  I can remember telling my body that I was in charge now, and there would be no more nicotine.  Good luck to all, especially newbies.


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