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  1. I didn't post one at 100 days...it didn't feel right to me. I posted one at 100 days the first time I quit and that didn't work out. Maybe that's why I held off. So here it is...the grand total knowledge about quitting that I have amassed through two quits, a combined 5+ years quit, 1 relapse, and now a daily struggle I embrace. I am an addict. I will always be an addict. I will never be fixed. I must quit daily, every day. No exceptions. No vacations. It's all or none. Quitting, no matter the stage, is hard. Using tobacco and, in my case, alcohol, is not normal. Not using it is normal. Sane people do not engage in activities that they know will kill them. I am sane (I think so, anyway). When it's hard to quit, that's the addiction trying to lure you back in. So man up, grab your yamsack, and embrace the suck. It's your own fault you got addicted. Now deal with it.
  2. I saw this on the Shoutbox: "(31 January 2013 - 05:34 AM) I would like to thank the people who created this site. 865 days quit and I am saying goodbye. Not caving. I just don't need to continue posting roll anymore. Thanks and good luck!" I think this is a mistake. I used to be quit...I had the addiction beat, too. I was at day 300+, and I started again. Two years hence, I'm back here quitting again. My original quit group was from 2006 or 2007. Guys like KillerAttorney and SirDipNoMore were my quitmates. Regardless, my choices lead to my caving. But like the guy who posted this on the shoutbox, I thought I had beaten it. Without the daily reminder that we're addicts, we get complacent in our quits. I think the daily interaction with the people of this site to remind ourselves we are addicted to dip, committed to staying quit, and wary of the lures of addiction helps us maintain our quits. His quitmates need to get on the phone to him and ask him to reconsider. Just my two cents.
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