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  1. Way to go TR1960 - 2000! Congrats on getting to the 20th floor. Sounds like the penthouse.

    1. TR1960


      Thanks much.  Yes it's pretty cool being quit and not having to think about tobacco.

      I'll keep a reservation up here in the Quit penthouse for you as well.  You'll like it. 

  2. Congrats Euty!! Thanks for your help over the years. May God bless another NDT.
  3. Another milestone! Congrats on the 19th floor.

    1. TR1960


      Thanks much.  In a blink of an eye you will be here too.

  4. Went to a great cause, they were running low on Maroon.
  5. I agree, no excuse for me not to think about donating more often to this life saving forum. Appreciate all you do and be sure to post requests for donations at least a couple times a year to remind me. Quit is Good.
  6. Speaking of which, the riff raff as entered the building. Pinkie out or not, OHman fixed this thing now and even non-admin riff raff's like Moi can use this again. Schweet!! I for one am thankful today for Sir Fancy OHman!
  7. Fightback, You are welcome and as referenced in the PM. Start by looking back three minutes. Were you Quit or not? If so, live on until a crave approaches and don't feed it for three minutes and let it pass. If not, live on until a crave approaches and don't feed it for three minutes and let it pass. Either way you now have something that time will build upon when you "Fightback" for 3 minutes and you let the urge subside and let it pass. Fact: 100% of the time when you don't feed it, it will pass, but come back looking for a little less each time. Fact: 100% of the time when you feed it, it will pass, but come back stronger looking for more. Stop the cycle in 3 minute battles and earn your life back.
  8. Is it just me or does anyone else when they see the "Cafe " sign, stop in and want to order a Hamburger and a Coke?
  9. Sorry if this was a little Harsh, I had a bad day. Harsh away man. Cancer blows massive goat balls. Having been through it with family as well I can only add that you stated as it should be stated.
  10. Robbie, We are all Nicotine Addicts in here. As you know, about as powerful a drug as exists once we became addicted to it. Some folks say there is no cure and I tend to believe that. It's a big industry to get people on this drug and a big industry full of shit trying to get people to off of it too. I don't believe we can be hypnotized, or given substitutes or other drugs to cure this addiction. However, I do believe we can manage it to a point of obscurity, but not quite a total cure from a future craving. The management of this addiction with proven success is one of consciously committing to not use Nicotine for this very moment in time. When we make the commitment each day not to use for "right now" and bust down the 90 seconds or so at a time withdrawal urges, they will go away. The Nic urges always go away when we simply let them pass. I don't remember the last time I had a craving for nicotine, but I do believe that one will come someday. Given I was just like most of us addicts that thought we were unique or have some unique situations, I've come to learn that is not the case. No Nic means No Nic and if that someday urge happens later today, I'm not too worried because I've committed to not use today, no discussion, no debate. I don't think about tomorrow with this addiction, because winning and enjoying that win today is pretty darn good by itself. In closing I wish to say...FU US Tobacco, leave Robbie alone right now! Wish you the best Today.
  11. Young man, all I can say is you are awesome! This place is plum full of guys who at one time were just like you. What separates you from the pack is A. The intelligence early on to understand right from wrong and B. The strength to try to do something about it. My hat is off to you. What you are missing is the guidance/knowledge to make it happen and the ever present hurdle of peer pressure to fit in and that is a normal and sometimes scary thing. In addition, you believe your parents would get their panties in a wad if they found out. That is on par as well. Good news, you can get the guidance here and Peer pressure cuts both ways. You can become the quiet leader of your group to Quit and maybe some of your friends may follow. However, it really doesn't matter because if they are hanging with you just because you share a weakness for Dip, that friendship isn't going to last. If they are your friends for many other reasons of common interests, then if they Quit with you thats great, if not it's fine too because you have other shared interests. You can still have friends that dip if you want ,but in time you will feel a bit sorry for them that they are trapped and you are not. Be sure not to look down your nose at them, because you were in those same shoes once. When you Quit, understand this simple fact: You are quitting for you and only for you. It's not about your friends quitting or not, it's not about your parents or others. It's about You. Lock that truth in your mind and success will come from many directions on many fronts. Here is how you Quit. 1. Stock up on gum, seeds, hard candies, the recent Holloween haul, etc. 2. If you have any Dip stash, get it gone. 3. If you have any in your mouth, spit it out. 4. Don't put any in your mouth the rest of Today. 5. When you see your buds and someone offers or it's your turn to supply, just say "no thanks, not feeling like a Dip right now" and pop in some gum or seeds and offer to your friends as well. Always keep a supply of gum or seeds or some hard candies to share. Pretty soon you will see others copying you. (Social experiment, it takes time, but it happens) 6. Tonight when you lay down, be proud of what you just accomplished. 7. Tomorrow when you get up, promise yourself you will not use Today. Don't look ahead, just don't use Today. 8. Rinse and repeat. You beat one urge, one offer, one moment at a time by not doing it right this flippin minute, right the heck now and that's the simple secret sauce to beating this before it kicks your butt and bad. 9. As far as telling your Parents. If they are nicotine users or former users, you might consider letting them know what you are doing as they will actually understand and might be a good source of support. (Hey, I said might) If they have not used and you are certain they never did for any period of time, then I would suggest they will be of little assistance in understanding. Be sure you have your facts right on this, as most of us had no clue what our parent(s) did or didn't do before we were hatched. At some point you will talk with them about it, but the timing is dependent on your need and comfort level. This isn't about them. It's about You. 10. Quit now and you will be giving yourself the Birthday present of a Lifetime!
  12. RJ, Welcome, sounds like you are ready to Quit Today! You will fight each crave one at a time. Plan nothing more, it's that simple. Fact, All cravings pass. Just wait them out for a little bit and you win! You will actually make it through this moment (if you are not bleeding to death), so man up for 90 seconds and the urge will pass. It always does! Repeat this for any crave that presents today and Yes even you can do this. When your head hits the pillow tonight, smile at yourself as you have accomplished the start of something awesome! For more years than most quitters are old, I was too afraid of the withdrawal pain to stop using. Captain Chicken Shit I was. When I learned the simplicity of beating one crave at a time for only one day (Today), I took control of my addiction and began earning my freedom from nicotine. It is flippin great! You can too if you want to, believe it! In here you will find Quit friends who have been in your shoes and completely understand each moment and each day. We are here to support your Quit if you are game to work it for Today. Let’s do it.
  13. Truth be told, it sucks for a little bit at a time. If you just focus on beating the very short time frame of an Urge/crave, it will pass. It can not harm you and it simply will go away. That's all you should concentrate on is winning the current crave and you will win it. Be sure to congratulate yourself tonight when you lay your head down on the pillow for winning the battle today. Be sure to laugh at yourself a little for all the stupid reasons you thought you needed to have a dip. Our past stupidity is humbling, so might as well get a chuckle out of it. Be sure to grab some pride in yourself each day for what you are accomplishing. It sucks, but not to the degree feared and the up side to freedom from nicotine is way cool. Make it happen and you will enjoy the future benefits.
  14. What's ahead is real simple. When an urge hits, just take a few breaths, close your eyes and count to 90. it will pass. Get some cotton balls and lightly soak in mouth wash. Next urge, pop one of those in. Take a few breaths and repeat " I'm not doing that anymore"...it will pass. You will easily fight off one crave at a time, no more, no less. By tonight when you lay your head down to sleep, smile and be proud of what you just accomplished, you have won your first day! Wake up, brush your teeth and be ready to win one minute at a time. Post roll in your December Quit group, Secure phone numbers, read, read, read. Nothing you will experience has not already been experienced victoriously. You are not alone in this fight, you will find many here to support you. By having taken the first step, we welcome you to earning back your life fellow nicotine addict.
  15. A Real Quit. Something in my heart, gut and nagging in my mind said. It’s time. It’s Time to move on and experience life without the constant nicotine handcuffs slowly but surely crushing the life out of my heart and poisoning me. Like many, I found myself introduced to tobacco at an impressionable age. Gramps gave me a slug of Snus when I was 6 or 7, and probably did so with intent to burn my lip enough to always hate it, which I did and him frankly for a little while. Dad smoked Cigs and Pipe and the sulphur aroma of a lit stick match inside a ’68 Dodge Cornet 440 is oddly a fond memory that I can still “smell” today. By age 15, I was sneaking cigs, cigars, chewing Red Man, or Dipping Cope/Skoal and all through High School continuing to do so while playing sports each season. I was addicted to the rush of a hard physical workout in practice, or an exhausting game or manual labor with all the endorphins following and go top it off with a Nicotine high. Holy crap that was sweet, the rush buzzed through your veins in your arms and legs. The sign of the times. Tobacco ads on TV and billboards: The Marlboro Man,… I rather fight than switch, …just a pinch between your cheek and gum…., etc. etc. Some of you “experienced nic addicts” can probably still hear the various Ad tag lines in your head as I can to this day. Then like so many of us, the crutch just became bigger. Need a Nic hit to do this or to do that and pretty soon it was a non stop Nic Feeding fest. I’m mean what’s more cool than dropping in a Dip and casting a line or grabbing a big ole fatty and glassing the Draws for Deer or popping a couple pouches (yeah more than one at a time) and draining a few Ice cold ones? The association with something fun sure gave it plenty of false merit by golly. The external world knew a so called “tough” image, but truth be told, I was a weak, pussy slave to my nic addiction and didn’t fess up for many, many years. Subconsciously embarrassed with my addiction as I was always careful not to let my family see me smoke or see me put in a dip/pouch, but yet I didn’t hide that I did it. The can was always in my front left pants pocket and openly visible sitting on top of the Dresser in the bedroom or tins in the center counsel of the Truck. Flippin nuts, I elected to never let anyone I knew see me buy it or put it in my mouth, but I was open that I did it. Arm chair Psych majors could have a field day with that alone. My wife and I married just out of college with her knowing full well I used tobacco. She never used and had told me it was a terrible “habit” I should stop soon. Habit my ass, it was a full blown drug addiction. I thought she may even help me quit, so I vowed to her I would stop when #1 Son was born in ’85. I don’t remember exactly, but maybe I stopped for a few days and ended up replacing my nic needs by changing delivery methods from Dip and Cigs to Pipe tobacco and Dip. It’s OK, I won’t inhale and all will be better for me…yeah right ya numb nutted dick weed flippin idiot ass wipe. See how well that worked out. Then I vowed to quit when our daughter was born in ‘86. No such luck. Same ole same ole. I promised again in ’97 when “surprise” Son was born. As my wife just looked at me with those eyes that showed “I believe everything you say, except when it has anything to do with Tobacco”. Did that deep distrust hurt matter to me? Nope, not compared to Nicotine desires. Yup. Certified, #1, A-hole Husband of the year contender. From Cigs, Pipes, Cigars and intermixed Dip, I finally quit all smoking by turning exclusively to Skoal. At first I thought, I’ll do Dip/pouches as a stepping stone to quitting. Sure, here we are years later, 1-1.5 cans a day “habit” and youngest son turned 15 and it hits me that I was his age when I started all of this nicotine B.S. That’s it, I’m done, no one is to know. I’m not breaking any hearts, no false promises, no bullshit, ..But how? I know darn well I’ll need some assistance as I’m now pushing nicotine into my blood system 100% of every waking hour for at least the past 12 years. In January 2013, I started seriously researching Nicotine and read everything I could find on the subject and what became real clear was also real simple. There was but one way that could possibly work for me. Cold turkey, one day at a time, kill every crutch, bury every excuse, the hell with any and all fake aids, and just beat each urge one at a time. Kill the Nic, Kill the Oral fix and reprogram my block head brain. On the eve of Feb 18th I picked a future quit date. My Birthday on Sept 16th. I laid out an 8 month plan to reduce my consumption and then be done with it. I have a plan and going to work it to success like all the smart folks say. The next morning, on Feb 19, 2013 I woke up, looked at the plan, threw it and my so called beloved Skoal cans into the garbage and said to myself. “B.S., I’m not waiting any longer, the fight starts Now, I Quit and I will win, I will die quitting or I will die trying, but I’m not living with it anymore. Bring on the nasty hurt, withdrawals and pain and whatever else is going to come”! I’ve been using for about 13,500 days so I’m going to stop using for 13,500 days. By then, I’ll be 90 if I live that long and can decide which 13,500 I liked better. The first day kind of sucked, The next day I joined QSSN and simply made it through each urge, each day, one day at a time with the help of some very good cyber friends. The Fog was the hardest part for me and seemed to last much longer than others reported. It just felt like I was eating bowls of stupid for breakfast for a month or so. At the two week mark, I finally told my Wife about the Quit and the Support site. She said she knew, but was glad I didn’t make any promises again and would understand if I was more of an ass than usual. (You’ve just got to love an honest woman) Many thanks to our May 2013 SBAQ Group! (Gigem21, Tiger, Rock, Birdman, Hawaii, Beard, MrNismo, DougFir, ReGums, FSHCM, DPF and FatDaddy) Each of you at one time or another posted something or sent a text or a PM that mattered to me and helped my weak ass make it through that day. Let’s celebrate future milestones together starting with what got us here…Today’s quit! The first group I followed achieving the HOF: The March 2013 WolfPack.( Thanks Roy, NoMore, Q12-10-12 and The Czar) To see folks battle and encourage each other gave me hope on some down days. Special thanks to all the Vets who quit and stuck around to help offer words of advice and help prepare me on what to expect at various steps in the journey. The info is out there. Go look, read and learn from these knuckleheads. In particular, the Vets contributing to my quit whether they knew it or not, and their Quit Date include: Eutychus- 8-31-06; RodeoTimer- 9-16-06; TruckerRick-10-15-07; Koz- 1-22-08; Киров- 3-20-2008; Larson- 5-7-08; Doof66- 6-15-08; Serenityman- 11-20-08; OHman1972- 3-13-09; Tm-va- 8-31-09; JimmyVV-10-13-09; KCMike- 1-1-10; Rob123- 2-22-10; EdReno- 6-20-10; Blue666- 8-23-10; Steve50- 11-19-10; ChuckM- 1-26-11; Flash35- 4-17-11; AllenK- 12-1-11; Uglytuco- 1-23-12; Gordie 2-19-12; Bdits- 2-22-12; Mike1972- 2-14-12; Ux- 2-25-12; Scott18- 6-25-12; Space76- 6-25-12; Pisson Snuff- 8-27-12; Q41- 1-1-13; IowaTiff- 1-3-13; Booger- 1-14-13; MacDanders-1-14-13 . As one of the former Nicotine Knuckleheads, I am now experiencing new things each day while Nic free and it’s like a new life. I do not know if I’ll see age 53 or 103, but I do know for Today, I hate Nicotine and will continue working a real Quit. Thank you.
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