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  1. I don't think it is, it might depend on time of day if anybody is around. A lot of us will join up in chat if we see there is somebody in it. It's a good point though, I don't have a habit of taking a look at the chat tab very often anymore, but i've always enjoyed it.
  2. Hey Nick, Welcome aboard. If you quit on 10/23, your quit group is January 2015. Everybody experiences the quit differently, but i've experienced a lot of the same difficulties and my own brand of shitstorm; I think these are all things to be expected. It is still early in the quit, most of us chewed a long time and the habit/addiction is so ingrained into our day to day lives that we lose part of our daily routine. It takes time to rewire our brains, and we'll always programmed for the addiction if we have any nicotine. This place has been instrumental in my quit when pretty much everything in the past failed, I think it'll help you out.
  3. Keep your stick on the ice, we're all in this together.

  4. Gotta keep on keepin on with the quit.

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