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  1. Keep it up CMac 

  2. As i usually do throughout the day i was posting support in numerous groups. I came across a couple of groups that had been vacated since hitting 100 days. I scrolled through and pretty much all of the quitters gave up posting only a day or two after hitting 100 days. If you are doing the reading/research on this great insightful site like you should, you should/would have read that hitting 100 days is only a figure to shoot for, a goal, a nice round number of days that can show yourself that you have 'some' control over your addiction. You are not cured. You will never be cured. A coworker just asked me yesterday about how i went about quitting. He is a dipper, not constant like myself, but i asked him if he thought he was addicted and he replied Yes. I said, 'well, you've completed the first step; You accepted the fact that you are an addict" He said "well, i don't think im an addict" I replied "well, you said your addicted. Can you go a day or two without having a dip?" "well, no. i doubt it. It just relaxes me." As you can see, he just didn't want to admit that he was an addict because the word addict seems to have a sense of "control". Its a scary thing/thought to say that you are being Controlled by something. I kept at him and said "the next thing you have to do is OWN your Addiction." I own my addiction. i am an addict. Dip had control over me. i know it still would if i let it. We are here to keep ourselves from being controlled by dip. Back to where i started. There are the groups that don't post much after hitting 100...THE HALL OF FAME!! I am in favor of the concept. it is a great "GOAL" to achieve in ones quest to quit dip. Though, i know that i would forget where i came from, forget where i am going, and not have any goals to achieve since hitting the coveted HOF, hitting 2nd floor, and now 3rd; if i quit posting in my own group and also supporting. I know this because i know i would probably go back to my old ways, which would put me back at day 1. And that shit ain't happening. I know if i didn't keep posting in my own group (which had about 8-10 at first, and now only 2 SOLID QUITTERS) and also posting in other groups for support, i would lose my senses and possibly fall victim like many others have. I strongly urge you and others to post in your own group daily, and if you get some time throughout your busy busy day (like we all have), post some support. Keep posting and give back. Don't stop posting. Too much time it takes? give me a break. Oh, your cured? now thats funny stuff. You have it handled after 100 days...?? do your own thing then, see you when you post up day 1 again. You get my drift. It's your quit. Own your quit. You are an addict. Don't be ashamed of it. It sucks i got sucked in to it, but in a sense i am glad i did because i am stronger for it because i am beating my addiction...TODAY. Stay strong brothers Duf
  3. Just like the other couple guys have said, just man up and lets get to it. Personally, i had to get in the right frame of mind. I knew when i told my wife that i was going to be done with chewing "today", i knew i still needed to go off by myself, have some alone time and get my mind right. I knew i was quitting that day, but i still needed to get in the right frame of mind, "that day." I had one dip left in my tin, i knew going in that was going to be the last pinch i took, i sat down, had a beer, enjoyed my last one, and when i was done, i haven't looked back. Well, i have looked back. I have looked back on all the wasted time, money, years of putting that crap in my mouth. I understand if you want/ed to put a date on it, but if i were you, that date should be today. Tonight, whatever. But like Rock and others have said, the longer you wait, the more your mind will tell you that 'tomorrow i'll quit' is a better idea. Quit today. And lets get your life back.
  4. Do you still have a 'sneak away' can stashed somewhere at home? Have you told your wife you are quitting? Write it on the calender that hangs in your kitchen. DO NOT drive past your favorite gas station today on the way home from work. Print off Steps to a Cave. (i printed it off and taped it to my sunvisor. It's still there after 263 days. My wife asked the other day when i was going to take it down. I said probably if/when i sell my truck.) If you are really in to this, than you have to fully commit. Be accountable to everyone, especially yourself. When you have a thought about dipping, or a hard crave; Think about this last fight, and how "if i wasn't a dipping machine (2 cans a day is quite excessive), i would't have had that fight.) NO More Fighting/Arguments that have to deal with dipping, if you are a NON-Dipper. Stay strong in these first hours/day(s). Duf
  5. I deleted a couple of the first lines of your post because i felt i wanted to focus on some of the other stuff. To me, you need to Nut Up and give it a real shot. If you are truly wanting to quit, your mind, body and soul are in to it, you can do it. Like Tiger said, you really have to be in the right mind frame and have the energy to admit that you are in fact an addict, that will NEVER change, but you can change how you handle your habits. I wanted to quit before i was married, before we bought our house, before the baby was born, before she was 1, etc. Finally one day i had thought abuot it long and hard enough and i said TODAY IS THE DAY. Haven't looked back. Yes, the first days, weeks suck royal ass. And those seem to be the days that you can't get through. This is where you need to NUT UP, and DO IT. Like it's said you need to get through the first minutes, hours, that lead to a day. You said it yourself, if you can get through a day or string some together, you may be on the right path. well, you need to push through the SUCK and see where it leads you. Post up, we're here for any help or guidence, advice you need. Read, Read, Read. We've all been there. And look where we all are now. It can be done, your not the first and only that will never beat this addiction. You need to believe in yourself. ALSO, you need to tell everyone you are quitting. You need to admit to yourself, and everyone else that you have a problem. Dn't be ashamed of it. Accountability is key. It's one thing to be accountable to us here, but friends and family will really kick you in the ass if your slacking. Duf
  7. So here we are at day 107. Alot of my story can be read in the May 2015 section under 'Meet the MaySlayers' so i will not repeat much of that. I remember being at day 3. Wanting the sun to come up and go down as fast as possible so i could log another day. So i wouldn't have to sit and constantly look for my tin, tap my pockets trying to find it, looking around to see if there was anything i could put in my lip that would give me the same fix as my old friend could. Every so often i still find myself tap my pocket, or remember emptying my pockets from a days work and my tin would come out of one of them. Now when i do both of them i have a small chuckle that comes out, and a feeling of accomplishment. Because today was another day without a dip. I had been thinking of quitting for years. Just like everyone has, i'll quit this day, ok that didn't work, i'll quit when we get married, when our daughter is born, etc. Many of those came and went. Then one day, it just hit me. I had been thinking about it and talking with my wife and that morning i just said "F-It. Lets do this." Jumping to this site and how things have went since finding it: Like Sept 11th, everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing when they first saw/heard the news. I was substitute teaching that day, i remember it was around 10am, and I remember starting to read some of what the guys were talking about in roll call and i couldn't really figure out what the hell they were saying. All the BRAAAP, ODAAT, some NicBitch that NO ONE liked, and alot of people that had been putting catshit in their mouths for some reason. Then i realized what it was all about and i thought, now this is what i need and i like these guys. Right off the bat it was very helpful and i felt like i fit right in the 'Family' when guys would post right after me and say something like "I'm quitting with Duf today." That really allows a guy to feel like he is not alone when one's life is completely turned upside down with the fog, not being able to focus on anything, freaking out on everyone and everything, etc. The biggest feeling i had right away was that i had friends that i didn't even know, but they were instantly some of my best friends, and they already knew me so well, without even knowing my first name. With the feeling of just losing a 15 year "friend," Personally choosing to say good bye to a friend that has always been there for me when i needed, having all these individuals reach out to me, offer advice, etc helped me through the first weeks. Reading accounts from other guys, that were speaking about exactly what i was going through, what i was thinking about all the time, the crazy thoughts, dreams, bodily functions that were/weren't functioning normally anymore, etc. Everyone knew of them already, and i wasn't alone. I still look forward to posting early in the morning. I still read constantly on the site. I still follow pretty much every post that happens throughout the day. What guys talk about all the time is posting daily and reading often. Even after a month, two months, three months, etc. One still needs to stick with posting/reading daily. That one crave that will allow you to cave is just around the corner waiting. If you are at a vulnerable point and don't have any backup, things may get a bit hairy. I don't like hairiness. I will stick with the guys, and posts that have gotten me to where i am today. If I've made it this far with them, which i never thought would be possible, i can keep going again until tomorrow. Then i'll do it all again tomorrow. Day by day. Like i said about coming to this site day one, two, three, etc. The guys kept me coming back because i knew they were right there behind me as i mentally picked up my tin and took a pinch out, they were right there to slap my hand. I want to be there to pay that back for future chewers that want to rid themselves of the 'friend,' that as of now, as of today, i can call a 'foe.' Some guys, like myself quit doing things that we loved only to keep our quit going. Some will return to normal, and some may not because dip and 'whatever' don't mix. That is the price that i/we need to pay in order to keep dip out of our lip. I have been at the firehouse for hours on a slow day, baseball games, turkey hunting, shingled/painted some houses, yard work, long drives, fishing, etc. ALL of which were great times to have those 'slow time, relaxing dips'. I am still somewhat early in quitting, so some of the summer stuff, bow hunting (the all day sits might be somewhat rough, but im gonna stick with it), etc haven't arrived yet. There were some times that i was out with some buddies, some dipping guys, and i started to see that i would get some pretty bad craves those times. Guess what? I haven't drank for 66 days now too. Because i don't want to put myself in those positions that bring on unneeded craves. Craves that may not have been there had i not been doing this/that. I did not do many of those things early on because it was just too early to put myself in those positions. I needed to stay busy with other things. Things that weren't always associated with those 'good dips'. I am back to doing most of those things and believe it or not i can function. It actually is very nice because it is one more thing i don't have to think about or remember. Life is easier in many ways without my old friend. It's easier without dip, and i like hanging out with all these new friends much more then my old friend, which after all these years turned out to be a big expensive, disgusting, annoying, phony. Thank you to all of you guys, and especially this site in general. As many have said before, it is a life saver at the least. Tonight i shall lay my head on my pillow hopefully with another full day of being free of tobacco. Tomorrow i will wake up early again, post my promise to you all, and see what else i can get done. I am not done. Every day is a work in progress. Keep trudging. Hour by Hour. Day by Day. It can be done. Duf
  8. Hello Folks, I'm new here and I just wanted to stop in and introduce myself (I hope this is the right board). I'm in my mid-twenties, married, and I live in Minneapolis. I've dipped on and off fairly casually since college. Difficult times in my life have always resulted in a spike in the amount I've been dipping, and then when things return to normal I'm able to hold off a bit and convince myself that my addiction isn't really that bad. I've quit several times before, but never for longer than three to four months. I've been between jobs for the last two months, and all the free time has resulted in a massive amount of tobacco finding its way in to my mouth. It's rendered me lazy, unable to keep a budget, and I've hidden it all from my wife. I'm looking forward to getting control of this once and for all, and to quitting for life. SO UR WANTING TO QUIT FOR LIFE? or ur just wanting to "get a handle on it till the next stressful time"??
  9. Hello. This is the 2 week aniversary of me quitting. I don't know why after 30+ years I decided to quit, but am glad I did. First week was hell....2nd not much better. Feeling better though the last few days. Even made it through a 3 day golf trip with the "boys" dip free. I appreciate your support and encouragement. Kretzy04 Start posting daily in the JUNE group and we'll all quit together
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