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  1. jrs

    The Cafe - 2015

    nope I don't have any emergency cans or stashes. Yes I told my wife but haven't told my coworkers because I don't want them to wave their cans in my face today
  2. jrs

    The Cafe - 2015

    Thanks for your insight duf and tiger.I've decided to recommit to quitting and stop slowly killing myself.. I'm all most to 11 hours with no nicotine and going for 12!
  3. jrs

    The Cafe - 2015

    thanks for replying so quickly. this addiction has got me so frustrated. I have all kinds of energy and excitement when I first stop but after a couple hours I have a hard time dealing with all of the rationalizations. I always go back. I don't know how to stop listening to the lies that it tells me. the only way out is through and I have yet to go through I keep trying to go around. I really feel like if I just get a couple of days under my belt that I will be successful. But I can't even seem to get through the first day.I want to quit before my 5 month old boy knows what's going on.I tried quitting when he was in the womb but all I succeeded in doing is making myself crazy by trying to quit every single day for 6 months. I need to stop half-assing it and just go for it. I probably have had 50 half assed quits in the last year alone. I need help....its pretty obvious to me that I can't do it alone.
  4. jrs

    The Cafe - 2015

    How do I know when enough is enough? Ive been wanting to quit for 2 whole years now. when I'm using all I can think about is quitting...when I don't have any all I can think about is buying more. I can't seem to pull the plug on my tobacco addiction. I've done crazy shit...dumped out cans just to buy more the same day, got into arguments with the wife so I could be by myself with my "friend". Its not my friend its my enemy. I've been at it for 7.5 years I would like to stop before it all catches up with me. I have a million reasons to quit but in that " moment" I don't seem to give a shit about any of them. Tobacco is making me crazy...I can't believe this stuff is legal...argghh!
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