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  1. Nice work bflem - 1000!

  2. Congrats on the 9th Floor my friend! 

  3. Hey boss, don't be to hard on yourself. this addiction is terribly powerful. Just keep at it. one second, one minute, one hour at a time. those small victories turn into days, then weeks, then months. But for now focus on the short battles.
  4. Drake, Bflem, Bryan, here. I'm glad you found this site. I am 36. I was a 1-1.5 can a day user since 16 or so (well not that much at 16, but you know how quickly it progresses). I have been quit for 801 days as of today thanks largely to this site and the folks on it. This place works. It's a daily commitment to quit. Like minded folks are here to support you, and embrace the suck with you. Read on this site as much as you can. As far as the fog, others may have different input, but you just have to gut it out. it will pass. seeds, gum, working out, screaming, breaking non expensive things preferably.......all ways to cope in the beginning. find what works for you. regardless, it sucks. Just think though, you/we spent a long time poisoning our bodies. Our bodies now deserve a little time to kick our asses as they heal. Send me a pm if you want to trade digits. Text or phone call has saved many a quit. Merry Christmas to you and yours. This is a great gift you are giving them/you. See you tomorrow.
  5. bflem-801- christmas eve quit. everyone is invited. give yourself and loved ones a great gift of no more tobacco!
  6. Chuck, Welcome, and you have definitely come to the right place. My name is Bryan (bflem). I am 36 and chewed a can of cope a day since i was 16. I have been quit for 775 days tday, a large part thanks to this site. We definitely can't do it for you, but we will support the hell out of you, offer you advice that has helped us or others on our journeys, and possibly the most important thing is we will commit to quit along side you daily. You will find your quit group in the March 18 group i believe, that is where you will post daily roll. This journey is really hard, but your life if worth it. You can win this fight, but it usually starts with small fought battles of one crave, one minute, one hour at a time. Eventually those turn into day. So, get some seeds, gum, whatever else you can think of to put in your mouth other then tobacco and get ready! Nicotine is a powerful substance that has physically re-wired the synapses in your brain to listen to it. Your body is gonna kick your ass for a little while as it re-programs. Feel free to pm me if you want a phone number for a text or call if you need it. I will not dip with you today chuck!
  7. Hey Everyone, Just joined the site last week. Spent the last week reading peoples stories. I really appreciate this site and it's nice to be able to communicate with other folks who understand how powerful this crap is. I am quitting today. Can someone advise how I link up with a quit group. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the response Tiger Refuge. I was up late last night reading on this site. How does one plug in to a quit group as describe on this site? I assume you quit first?
  9. Hey, Have been a smokeless tobacco user for almost 20 yrs now. I am 34, have an amazing wife, 1 son, and one on the way. I have tried to quite many times before, but have always started back. Recently I started googling ways to quite. I am fed up with the habit and my lack of discipline over this issue. Came across this site and figured what the heck. Any advice for how to plug in? Side note...while creating username it asked for quit date. I haven't, so I put a future date just to be able to create user information.
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