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  1. Sept 14 Nick- 324- Not going to use nicotine today. STS - 1,018: My plan as well
  2. A story of freedom, courage, conviction and celebration. Join this daily gathering of men and women ... from every State of the Union ... as they rally together and tell all tobacco companies..."No Dip Today!" (Note: This building is Quit Certified) 9/14/19 ipoppa33- day 2041- NDT! STS - 1,018: None of that poison shit for me
  3. Sept 14, 2019 Turd Pitcher:  Capt Kirk - Day 117 (NDT promise made to Tiger) Turd Catchers: Tiger - 2425 - Hell naw. Dipping is for fools. PMFJ - 76x RWM- 92x Gibb13- 95x STS - 1,018: The Captain is in Alaska, but the party at the dump continues. Nick- 32x
  4. G(Q)OATs - GreatestQuittersOfAllTime September 14, 2019 NE78 - Palmer - Day 39 NDT Fish - Supporters: STS - 1,018: This tobacco addict is planning on not using any tobacco today. I will be joining the guys above^^^^ in not putting that addictive cancer-causing shit in my mouth. We don't do that shit any more. ODAAT
  5. To join this group all you have to do is quit dipping and post Roll Call How to post roll call. (updated!) Get the Contract to Give Up Print it out and carry it in your wallet Click Here for a room to exchange phone numbers. Accountability is key September 14, 2019 Quitters- hoytraptor - 21 NDT. Bam - Supporters- RWM - 921 - Quitting with the raptor. Let's go Bam! Your personal willpower could use a jumpstart every day. STS - 1,018: Nice work on three weeks Hoy. Come on Mr. Bam, join us in the world of freedom from that shit
  6. 9/14 bflem- 1,42x STS - 1,018: Flipping the lights on and keeping the coffee warm, and of course keeping quit with you RWM - 92X Tiger - Gibb13 - 95X PMFJ - 7XX
  7. PMFJ's Quit Group September 14, 2019       Quitters    PMFJ - 7XX STS - 1,018: Sorry about the Brew Crew last night be we really needed the win. Those damn Flubs are way too close Gibb13 - 95X RWM - 92X bflem- 1,42x
  8. September 14, 2019 1st Quit Div. Muster Sheet:   RWM - 92X Front Line Support: STS - 1,018: Happy Saturday of quittness Gibb13 -95X PMFJ - 7XX
  9. Angry Quitters - Sick of Slavery  September 14, 2019 Quitters - sign here: STS - 1,018: Let's stay quit all day gentlemen.
  10. 9/14 SC - 576 - solid in the quit - happy Saturday RWM - 92 PMFJ - 76 STS - 1,018: No tobacco for me today
  11. 9/13 SC - storage building moved and new tree planted - I think thats enough for today RWM -91 PMFJ - 76 STS - 1,017: Sounds good to me
  12. Posted 1 minute ago Friday, September 13, 2019 Phil- 530- Friday the 13th, Full moon. Probably some creepy shit happening. Don't let the Nic Bitch coming back into your life be one of them weird things. STS - 1,017: Scary things going on today. None as scary has having part of one's face cut off
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