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  1. Noodlez


    Had to have the "hard talk" with a young mate of mine yesterday. He's 27 years old and smoked two, count em, two packs yesterday. That is disgusting, I find all nicotine use disgusting but this is particularly offensive because of A. Youth and B. The massive amount. Me: You need to get help, and when I quit I found amazing resources in my online support group at quitsmokeless, I will go and ask them tomorrow to recommend a similar site for cigarette smokers. Him: I need to just toss out my smokes. Me: You'll just go buy more. Him: I'll lock myself in for two weeks in a straightjacket with no traffic and no annoying people haha Me: Even if such a thing were possible as soon as you got out the traffic and people would still be there, and you'll run back to the loving arms of your addiction. Him: ....nothing.... Its harsh, but I know how this works, and all the excuses I used to make in order to keep using my little can of turds. So... can any of you lads give me a resource for smokers? I figured someone here would likely know. Thanks!
  2. Noodlez

    2067 Days

    I have a mate who is always denying that he dips. "I just have one every once in a while to prove that I don't like it." No seriously that's what he says, word for word. That's like being sober but just slammin some vodka to prove that you really don't like the taste. Any excuse for an addict right? I know I had volumes full of excuses until you stop trying to con the con man that is yourself. I can lie all the time except to that dude deep down who knows allll the lies.
  3. Noodlez

    2067 Days

    Outstanding! I never think about it anymore, but... I had quit for years before and started up again, so I believe we still have to be vigilant. When I say never, I mean nearly never, sometimes at a weird moment I think about it, its extremely rare, but like chopping wood for example. Or at certain times after barbecue. Its there, but really tiny now. I feel for the new quitters and those coming back after relapsing, its a hard routine.
  4. Noodlez

    2067 Days

    2067 Days as of today. No Nicotine, no tobacco, no nothing. And I would have looked you right in the eye and told you that I could sooner quit breathing than quit dipping. But I quit, and I stay quit every day.
  5. 1563 days with no nicotine in any form. Have not been on here in ages and ages but still recommending the site to those still struggling.
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