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  1. No Booze Crew     ...where 1 is too many and 1000 isn't enough.  08/21/19 FoodBuzz -8x PMFJ - 16 - Group last night and back tomorrow night. Keeping busy after work helps. Problem is, I've still got to live in my own head. DH - 7+yrs - steve50-7x
  2. August 21, 2019 KS - 141 quit today Nick- 300- Doing an all day quit with KS. STS - 994: Let's do this PMFJ - 746 - We're doin it! All day quit! NMFD!
  3. The Dump   Aug 21, 2019 Turd Pitcher:  Capt Kirk……….Day 93...........How big of a Dumbass would I be to dip today...ain't gonna happen. Turd Catchers: Tiger - PMFJ -746 - No dumbasses allowed in the dump! NMFD! RWM- Gibb13- STS - 993: . FoodBuzz - Nick- 300- Dipping today would be a dumb as wearing hockey cleats while swinging your football bat. steve50
  4. Wednesday August 21, 2019         New Quitters sign here: Unchained - 78 - no Dip Today  Supporters: Gibb13-931- looks like UC forgot to bump up his quit day. Fixed that. NDT Nick- 300- Joining UC in a no dip day. STS - 994: None for me as well PMFJ - 746 - You see (UC), we just don't dip anymore. NMFD!
  5. If you quit between 7/25/2019 - 08/23/2019 this is your quit group. To join this group all you have to do is quit dipping and post Roll Call How to post roll call. (updated!) Get the Contract to Give Up Print it out and carry it in your wallet Click Here for a room to exchange phone numbers. Accountability is key August 21, 2019 Quitters- Fish - Day 6. Fog is lifting but craves can be strong. One crave at a time then. I will not put cancer dirt in my face today. I don't do this anymore. Palmer - Day 16 NDT NewEnd78 - Supporters- Gibb13- 931- good work Fish, one crave at a time is the way to go. Staying quit with this group. NDT Nick- 300- That's right Fish, we don't do that anymore. STS: 994: Kick those craves in the balls and do whatever it takes not to use that poison shit. I'll proudly stay quit with you today. ODAAT RWM 897 Proud to quit with you gents today. FoodBuzz -599- Kick that dip crap to the curb. PMFJ - 746 - Stay Quit boys! NMFD!
  6. Wednesday,  Aug 21, 2019  Quitter:  6string - 242 - Keeping it dip free on hump day.  Supporters: STS - 994: Keeping quit with you Nick- 300- I'm just here for some quit action. PMFJ - 746 - Quit with 6 on H Day! NMFD!
  7. Aug 21 Nick- 300- Before we kick off this third floor party I have bad news. Yesterday I texted my quit brother, Bam. As he was a day ahead of me I wanted to congratulate him, but he admitted to going back to his old ways back in June. He knows he needs to quit and get back on here and will. He has some boys weekend planned for Labor Day weekend and says he'll be back that Monday. He knows the NB is lying that he needs to wait but he's buying into that lie. He's a grown man, he knows what he needs to do. When he returns I'll be there to greet and support him, but in the mean time I will not be feeding my addiction today. I will be enjoying this third floor party. STS - 994: Huge congrats to you Nick. You are a badass quitter and a hell of a supporter as well. Sorry to hear about Bam, but it's good to know that he knows he's gonna have to bite the bullet and get off that poison shit again real soon. Enjoy the first day on the third floor and looking forward to your one-year anniversary coming up next. ODAAT of course. 6String - 242 - Congratulations on 300! Quit with you all day long. PMFJ - 746 - Congrats on the 3rd floor NIck!! Well done! You are a Super Quitter!! Sorry about Bam, he's probably jealous. I hope he gets it together soon. Meanwhile, pat yourself on the back, bask in your glory, and get ready for the next milestone at 365! NMFD!
  8. Wednesday Aug 21, 2019 Tank - Day 369 - Played golf yesterday for the first time this year - dip free. Golf and dip used to go together like PB&J. Didn't even miss it. NDT PMFJ - 746 - I used to think it helped me focus while on the course. What bullshit! I sucked at golf with dip and still suck the same without it! It's fun though. NMFD!
  9. PMFJ

    Roll Call

    The Banana Hammocks Wednesday, August 21, 2019 Red 504 - NDT! STS - 994: None for me either PMFJ - 746 - Hump Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! NMFD!
  10. PMFJ

    Roll Call

    08/21/19 SC - RWM  - 89x PMFJ - 746 - Somebody cut me off at the knees yesterday. NMFD on Hump day! Yo SC! I can't login at livingdipfree. The home page has changed and for some reason, it forgot who I am. STS - 99x
  11. PMFJ

    Roll Call

    8/21/19  Bonanza - 591 - Not often do I get to lead the charge for the day.. Trumpets blaring and NDT! STS: 994: Following your lead PMFJ - 746 - I'm in step. NMFD!
  12. PMFJ

    Roll Call

    August 21, 2019 1st Quit Div. Muster Sheet:   RWM - 897 - I've never actually had pupusas, which I'm sure are fabulous. I just gotta go with what I know --tacos. No dip today. Front Line Support: Gibb13- 931- tacos it is. NDT STS - 994: Missed out on the tacos yesterday and also the pupusas, but I did not miss out on staying quit with you PMFJ - 746 - No tacos or pupusas yesterday for me either. And no dip too. I lived. NMFD! And also no alcohol. I lived.
  13. PMFJ

    Roll Call

    Angry Quitters - Sick of Slavery   August 21, 2019 Quitters - sign here: STS - 994: Off to Pensacola to speak at the Florida Forestry Assoc. meeting tomorrow. I am quit sure there will be many dippers at this event. I will not be one of them. NDT ODAAT PMFJ - 746 - Watch out for them gators! NMFD!
  14. PMFJ

    Roll Call

    August 21, 2019       Quitters    PMFJ - 746 - Just got to school. My daughter called a few minutes ago, she was in an accident. She's ok, but the car is messed up. No collision on that car because the premium was out of control when I added her to the policy. FUCK!! NMFD! Thanks STS. STS - 994: Opening up shop today. The train is ready. My best to your wife. Enjoy the pupusas. Staying quit with you ODAAT Gibb13-93X RWM 89X
  15. No Booze Crew     ...where 1 is too many and 1000 isn't enough.  08/20/19 FoodBuzz -80- No booze with you all today. Glad you’re here P, this is the greener side. Vodka can be left alone, or better to be poured down the sink. PMFJ - 15 - Thanks guys, that was tough to see. My wife had to deal with two dead brothers from cirrhosis this summer. I don't want her to have to deal with me like that, ever. DH - 7+yrs - Hang in there PMFJ. Sorry for your loss. One day at a time. steve50-71 days dry- Hang tough PMFJ. Sad days to be sure... Made it through the weekend at the cabin. Good milestone moment for me. I'll stay quit another day with you guys.
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