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  1. Just found this site, read some post and thought to myself.....this could be the day or maybe it was could this be the day. Not sure how much this place will help the effort but it sure as hell couldn't hurt and if it does help then it'll (for me) be the equivalent of hitting the lottery. A little about me....I served in the Marine Corps for just over 20yrs, retired back in 2012. So pretty much for the past 25yrs I've been smoking a cigarette or had a dip in my mouth. Not much of a exaggeration, I go through a pack of smokes and a can of Copenhagen about every two days for that many years. Met my wife, who for reasons unknown to me, is still with me....at my first duty station. How does that play into this you ask? I'm 44yrs old and we found out last month she's pregnant with our third child. A child who's closest sibling will be 15yrs older and who's furthest will be 20yrs older... (lol, let the jokes begin). Point being, when I retired from the Corps I was 175lbs of twisted steel and sex appeal and now it's more like 10lbs of shut in a 5lb bag. I'm not getting any younger and between my letting myself go and tobacco usage, who knows how long I'll be around for my wife / children. Not sure if it's an epifany or some of these great post I've read BUT it's time for me to make a permanent (and probably more than one) change. Hoping this place can be one of the tools I use to change life long abuse that I've done to my body. "One Team, One Fight" Have a GREAT night and wish me luck on what I'm expecting to be a miserable endeavor.
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