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  1. 07/17/19  DWLT - 559 - Not a slave to nicotine addiction today. NDT! Bonanza - 556 - You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you might find, you get what you need! Which is not dipping another day. NDT
  2. 07/16/19  DWLT - 558 - Another Taco Tuesday is upon us. Had Fajita Monday yesterday by chance, but the tacos are still sounding great. NDT! PMFJ - 710 - It's Quittin time with the XDipShitz on Taco Tuesday! NMFD! FoodBuzz -563- No dip, but I'll go for a Choco Taco! Mmmm those things are awesome! Bonanza - DLV (or at least that's what Google tells me 555 is in roman numerals). I bought a bottle of cheap scotch...think I'm going to celebrate by forcing some down and watching an episode of Stranger Things. NDT!
  3. 07/15/19  DWLT - 557 - Happy Monday - NDT! RWM 860 - Happy Quit Day. Keep plugging away xdipshitz. STS - 957: Keeping quit with ya'll FoodBuzz -562- Happy Monday. NDT! All in! PMFJ - 709 - Monday Quit train is rolling! NMFD! Bonanza - Day five hundred and fifty four. Punch my ticket for the Monday Quit Train as well. NDT!
  4. 07/12/19 FoodBuzz -559- Glad to see P didn't die in the earthquake! Quitting with survivor PMFJ...unless no earthquake impact on you then quitting with just regular PMFJ DWLT - 554 - Dittos! I was in San Fran during the '89 earthquake on a business trip and it scared the crap out of me. Now I have a whole new appreciation for what people are dealing with out there. Either way, chewing won't help. NDT TGIF TGIQ! STS - 954: Dittos indeed. and also to TGIQ! PMFJ - 706 - We rocked and we rolled but nothing fell down. Too far away from the epicenter, just how I like it. NMFD! Bonanza - 551 - We had a 3.1 here in the midwest a few years ago and I did not like it one bit. Glad to here all is well. We have a barge leaking benzene from a broken vent here in my neck of the woods...let's keep the dip out of your lips and the winds from the west! Have a great weekend gents!!
  5. 07/11/19  DWLT - 553 - won't be going to Seven Eleven to buy dip on 7/11. NDT! RWM 856 - Same here. 7/11 was probably the first place I bought dip at (or at least acquired some). NDT. STS - 953: Think I first bought mine at Walgreens. I was 14 years-old. Missouri was a 16 to purchase tobacco (but everyone pretty much only applied that to cigarettes). Not many people in my part of St. Louis chewed, so the old gal at the register probably didn't even know what was in the round wax box with a shiny lid. Hell the tobacco products were not even behind the counter back then. She just took my 79 cents and I was on my way to 35+ year sentence as a slave. Thank God I finally came to my senses  Bonanza - Day 550 of not being a slave to nicotine. A monstrous diet coke and a can o tobacco was my norm at 7-11...thought I was living the dream. Dumb. NDT!
  6. 07/10/19    DWLT - 552, and pretty confident of making it to 553 tomorrow Bonanza - 549 - I'm never confident of anything but I will not dip today.
  7. 07/09/19    DWLT - 551 - NDT STS - 951: NDT Bonanza - 54 - NDT!
  8. 07/08/19    DWLT - 550 - Back from a week in Maine, but didn't pick up chewing while I was there. Still quit with the XDipShitZ! STS - 950: No chewing down here either. Welcome home. NDT Bonanza - 547 - When things get rough, I do still feel my mind wander to think that chewing would help. Chewing will not help. Nicotine is sneaky. NDT!
  9. And...I thought "no see ums" were code for something with boobs. Google tells me they are not!
  10. 07/02/19   FoodBuzz -549- Wife lit up a storm and got general managers and executives involved. Stuff should be here today now...hopefully. NDT STS: 944: Hope today is the day. Stuff - Not Snuff. NDT ODAAT PMFJ - 696 - Wives are good for that kind of stuff. Good luck! Hey Bonanza, I'll be in Lake Bellaire for a few days next week, enjoying that Michigan sun and no see ems! How far is that from you? NMFD! Bonanza - 541 - Lake Bellaire and my portion of the St Joe are about 250 miles and about that same amount of difference in cleanliness apart...if the clear water that Google shows me in Bellaire is accurate. I'm a little southeast of Kalamazoo. Happy 4th my fellow X DipShitzes! Be safe!
  11. 07/01/19   FoodBuzz -548- Stuff arrives today! Thank goodness, can’t wait to get the house put back together. STS - 943: Great to hear Nick. I swear though when I first read your post I read it as snuff arrives today. I was like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Glad your stuff is not snuff. NDT PMFJ - 695 - Damn man, that sucks! Now what?? NMFD! Bonanza - 540 - May be absent for the next few days while relaxing (more like fixing crap) at our place in Michigan. Would be nice if the St. Joe River would give me a smallie or two to test out my couple year old 8 lb test...hell maybe even a largemouth. I don't even think I'd mind a nice sized carp. Way too lazy to clean any fish anyway so I'm only about the tug. NDT!
  12. 06/28/19   DWLT 540 Heading off to a no cellular zone in Maine for a week. If I don't post up, I'll still be quit, and I'll be back. Happy 4th of July week to all. NDT! RWM 843 Have a good trip! FoodBuzz -545- Enjoy the good times DW. NDT! Closing on new house today, get all my stuff back next week. Can’t wait till this whole process is done. Bonanza - 537 - I get to watch a kids baseball game and do yardwork...not fancy vacations or multi-million dollar mansions, but still no dipping! Have a great week (DWLT) and weekend to all!
  13. 06/27/19   DWLT 539 good morning all XDipShitZ! Great day to be alive and not stuffing poison leaves in your lip! PMFJ - 691 - It's still morning on the west coast, so "Good Morning!" It's TPT! Then when she's down, kick her in the face! NMFD! Bonanza - 536 - afternoon here in the sweltering midwest...time to wear your sundresses ladies! Except for the nic bitch...she's not invited! NDT!
  14. 06/25/19   DWLT - 537 - I QUIT!!!! FoodBuzz -542 (24)- I QUIT TOO!!!!! RWM 840 make it a trio. PMFJ - 689 - Or a quartet! NMFD! Bonanza in with 534 rounding out the quintet! No dippin' for my lippin!
  15. 06/24/19   DWLT - 536 - No dip today. Congrats FB on 20 days with no alcohol! No doubt that life is better without chemical dependency. STS - 936: No damn tobacco for me today.  FoodBuzz -541 (23)- Thanks DW! Sure has brought on a shit ton of weird drinking and dipping dreams. Seems a bit easier only in the sense that I’ve seen this when I quit dip so kind of expected to go through it. NDT! PMFJ - 688 - No dip Monday time! ODAAT!! NMFD! Bonanza - 533 - No dip for me today! Throw another spoonful of congrats on the FoodBuzz no alcohol progress. Keep up the good work!!
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