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  1. Hi; I'm Hoggle and I'm a nicotine addict. The whole shebang got started back in 1985. I was at the movies with some friends and was offered my first Skoal Bandit. Anyone else on here still remembers the green can with the word BANDITS on the side in pseudo-western lettering? I do. Anway, I took the hook...and got hooked. Such began an addiction that lasted until 100 days ago. Since I didn't have to spit with Bandits, they were the perfect way to hide a dip addiction. I went through a tin a day - I got my Bandits from a skeezy little bodega-type place where no one cared about how old you were. I dipped everywhere - school, the workplace, etc. Total ninja dipper. So, what motivated me to quit? I am now getting into middle age. I plan to retire soon. It's just plain silly for me to continue a juvenile act of rebellion into my retirement. I need to quit. I am amazed that I kept that little tin for so long. I never had health issues; I had freedom issues. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I went out at some ungodly hour in the middle of horrible weather just to get a tin. No More! I got my money and freedom back. I got ME back. For you new people out there, take heart! It CAN be done; I did it. So can you. Firstly, post roll every damn day. There have been many times where that roll post was all that saved me from caving. Secondly, learn how addiction works. The average crave is over and done in three minutes, no shit. Surely you can suck it up and bear it for three minutes, right? Sure you can - we all can! Thirdly, don't ever think you can have 'just one' - NOPE! It's a drug addiction, not a bad habit. There is NEVER just one! As for my future here, I'm going to stick around for as long as the board will have me. I'm also going to go into the new groups and start working with newer quitters, now that I have what it takes to sustain a good quit. I hope you'll join me.
  2. Huckleberry Rolex or Patek?
  3. Hoggle


    Are there any other photographers on here? I sometimes take pictures while hiking around my hometown. I especially like driving down to the DC area and photographing stuff there. It's a long drive, but worth it. I prefer to drive up to the Franconia-Springfield Metrorail station, park my car there, then take the subway up into DC and hiking around with my camera.
  4. Hoggle

    Time to quite,

    You're already quit, my friend. Already done, at least for today. Remember, ODAAT. We Quit one day at a time. Never mind tomorrow; we will take care of that when the time comes. Today only.
  5. Yes, it really happened. A whole weekend - indeed, a whole WEEK - without the nicotine. <-----here I am, poping the nicodemon in the schozz today...and I'll do it again tomorrow, and every day for the rest of my life.
  6. Thank you all for your kind words. I'm developing more of a knack for cooking. Right now, I'm enjoying three scrambled eggs, Cheerios, an apple, and a B-I-G glass of OJ. I would never have taken the time for such a breakfast before. Dinner is going to be mixed vegetables; supper will be meat and spaghetti. I have a few recipes that I'll be trying out this weekend. I'll let you all know how they turned out.
  7. The wind cleared up quite well, thanks. I wandered around the woods for awhile, then came back home. Nothing much. I am using my time here to learn how to cook. I am currently broiling a half chicken in sea salt and onion flakes. The whole house smells delicious. I'll be eating that with boiled vegetables, an apple, and Nutella on whole wheat bread for dessert. I wish I could have you folks over for dinner. The cravings are getting easier now. They still come, but they're easier to deal with. Just post that roll every day to the very utmost of my ability, then live up to that promise. Simple. Well, gotta go - chicken's almost ready!
  8. Here on the East Coast, we're in the middle of one helluva windstorm. Knocked out power for several hours. Still not gonna dip. Had to stay home from work as I didn't wanna risk driving out in the wind. Sat at home all day, bored af. Still bored.- Dip won't solve anything, I know. Still want it. Addict mentality. Gonna go drink more club soda, then play some iPhone games. Still going hiking tomorrow, if wind dies down by then.
  9. Man oh man, I am SO tempted to go out for a can to celebrate the weekend. But, yanno what? NOT GONNA HAPPEN, NO WAY NO HOW. I gave up 33 years worth of weekends to that little-ass can. I'm taking my weekends back. My first dip-free weekend since 1985 is coming up. I ain't gonna mess that up. I'm scared to death, but saddling up anyway. I've gone down to the grocery store and stocked up with everything I'll need for the weekend. I'll stay close to this board tonight, to build up my strength for this weekend, then I'll spend all weekend hiking. I find that helps me clear my head and center my psyche. If anyone else can help me pump myself up, let me know. I'll be monitoring this board like a hawk until midnight, then again when I wake up around 8AM tomorrow morning.
  10. Hoggle


    Cool; I have family who lives in Colorado. It's pretty nice out there. Ever walk the Mount Vernon Trail in Northern Virginia? It starts by the Francis Scott Key Bridge linking Arlington to DC, and ends at George Washington's estate at Mount Vernon. It's beautiful, especially when it runs through Old Town Alexandria. That's my favorite hangout when I'm in the DC area.
  11. Hoggle


    Does anyone else on here like going on long walks outdoors? I'm going to be doing a long hike this weekend - from George Washington's estate at Mount Vernon to the Washington Monument in DC...and back. I'll be gone all day both days. I'll only be home to sleep, shower, and of course post roll. So...what long walks / hikes have you been on lately?
  12. Hoggle

    New quitter here

    I think I'm starting to understand how this accountability thing works. The only reason why I didn't buy a can this morning is because I promised I wouldn't. I always keep my promises to the very best of my ability. Is this why we post roll? So we have an incentive to stay quit - namely, our integrity? Your sibling in Quit, Hoggle.
  13. Hoggle

    New quitter here

    Brother? Oh, you mean me...well, I'm a bit too girly to be anyone's brother, but thanks anyway. In case you're wondering, I'm agender - not to be nit-picky, but I prefer the term 'sibling'. Anyhoo...I'm getting back to normal, bit by bit. I'm not really freaking out anymore. I did some research, and found that nicotine withdrawal ends within 72 hours. I'll get to that 72 hour mark by around 3PM today. So I guess my feeling a little better is to be expected. This is getting easier by the minute. I'm happier and feeling better. But we will have to wait and see what comes next.
  14. Hoggle

    New quitter here

    Hey, this is getting easy. The craves are still there, but now I feel better. I would have gone out and bought a can this morning, but I'm not gonna do that. I said I won't, and I meant it. I have more to write, but my thoughts are too muddled to put in words now. Everything in my mind is slopped together, like watercolors in the rain. This DOES get better, right? Damn, now I'm getting a craving so bad, I can't think anymore. I can't even remember my own middle name now, no kidding. Do you know that feeling? Like being drunk, but without the pleasant 'high' that goes with it. This will go away; I know this because I got that same feeling twice yesterday, and it went away both times. But for now, I have to just post this and go rest for a bit. Relax; I'll be fine. [Edited to add: Right after I posted that message, the feeling went away. Guess the coffee I had with lunch finally kicked in. I'm not really craving now, but I prolly will later. Will be following this board very closely from now on.]
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