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  1. I imagine getting another fix of nicotine like I'm rubber tubing up my arm and getting some hardcore drug from a needle. Like I would put a chew in and have the relief you see in those hard-core addicts on TV. Well I'm a hard core addict with nicotine but I don't need that shit today. ODAAT I quit 13 days ago! It would not be any good anyway, just dipappointment for not fulfilling my promise and my progress.
  2. I thought I might ask for some of the messed up or irrational thinking that have led others to cave or near cave in the past. The one that's caught me in the past is: "Chewing is the only thing that really brings me joy" I now know that that "joy" was really just the relief from the daily withdrawal rollercoaster that you put yourself through as an addict. (oh, the freedom from that constant rollercoast will be worth the journey) I have also faltered in the past with a single celebratrory chew that returned me to the chains, "Just one, because I've made it so far..." Hearing your thoughts that you've gotten out of your head for your successful quits would be useful. - Redhawk41 - 8 days free - NDT! (one victory at this point is I love looking down and seeing clean fingernails - none of that dirty chew around me!)
  3. My go to thing to do in the evenings after work to avoid focusing on missing chew is to just go to bed for the evening. It's not helpful at this point, as I'm missing out on my family. I need to suck it up and just embrace the suck and go for a walk or something!
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