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  1. Screwed myself out of no reason sheer foolishness
  2. Fredy from banana hammocks...maybe if I gather enough courage I will post roll call tomorrow onwards .... I have been an defaulter embarrassed ...... After 10 months quit I wanted to reward myself with scotch then I slipped into my first dip which is still on me since last 6 months . Sober from alcohol 4 weeks ,now it's the NIC bitch turn to get the kick once and for all .
  3. Bond Physical or emotional
  4. No Booze Crew ...where 1 is too many and 24 isn't enough. 6.27.2018 Dillhole: 6+yrs - just cleaned up the place in case someone wants to stop in. fredy : 143 stay strong that DH is an achievement.
  5. Fredy

    One Word Post

    That barbed one muddler sir looks dangerous
  6. Crash Collision or urgent
  7. Encounter Meet unexpectedly or unpleasant experience
  8. RWM and STS sir you both are Rockstars of "this or that " game ..... Awesome application of words
  9. 5150 : couldn't help but post two images as both are cool
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