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  1. Well I’m back from the oral surgeon. Surgery scheduled for the 20th. He didn’t like what he saw and wants to completely excise and then biopsy and determine next steps. I’m scared. I asked him what happens if it comes back cancer and he said there’s a whole decision tree and to cross each bridge as we come to it.
  2. New to the forum. I have a white patch on my tongue for three weeks that refuses to heal. I’m a former smoker that’s been dipping for 20 years now. I’ve scheduled an appt with an oral surgeon next Friday to biopsy. The waiting is killing me. I fear I’ve found this forum too late. I’ve just thrown my last can away with hopes this is just a scare. I’ll keep the forum posted. In the meantime would appreciate any words of wisdom to stay quit. I hate living like this.
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