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  1. August 21, 2019 KS - 141 quit today Nick- 300- Doing an all day quit with KS. STS - 994: Let's do this
  2. August 20, 2019 KS - 140 quit all day. Thanks guys for all the motivation. I have been worried about it and it's goid to here all the positive stuff. I will not dip during my hunting. I will be posting everyday except my Idaho trip. I will have to take a screen shot of a text everyday there and send them to RWM when I get into service. Thanks again
  3. August 19, 2019 KS - 139 quit all day. Hunting season is coming soon and I have a weak spot for dip during this time. I am putting this out there for motivation and reassurance that I will survive hunting season without dip.
  4. August 18, 2019 KS - 138 quit all day RWM -894- Killin it with Killshot.
  5. August 17, 2019 KS -137 quit all day been at a archery shoot
  6. August 14, 2019 KS -135 lol I think I was half asleep when I posted yesterday I'm quit today!
  7. August 14, 2019 KS -134 with I r RWM - 890 - Killin it with Killshot. NDT
  8. August 12, 2019 KS. 133 Quit again today
  9. August 11, 2019 KS. 131 Just woke up im quit RWM -887 - Keep it up Killshot. ODAAT
  10. August 10, 2019 KS 130 staying quit one more day today
  11. August 9, 2019 KS 129 Quit all day and HAPPY FRIDAY
  12. August 8, 2019 KS 128 I feel bad for the late post yesterday so I am gonna be extra early today.Im quit staying quit and nothing but quit!!!
  13. Wednesday August 7, 2019         New Quitters sign here: Unchained - 65 - FUCK DIP! NDT  Supporters: Gibb13-917- hump day quit NDT Nick- 286- Not dipping today. RWM 883 - Hump day quit. Fuck dip! FoodBuzz -585- FUCK DIP is right! Keep pushing UC. This shit still had a grip on me from days 70-90. I used my network and texted a lot. The Nicotine is gone, but it was the pure physical feel that was pulling me back in with the whispers just one was okay. Dipped 25 years always had a plug in, yeah was weird and felt like something was missing. PM me for digits anytime. Stay above this shit. UC, UC, UC STS - 980: There will be not of that shit for me. Day 65 for UC, that's my old football number. Makes me happy to see KS 127 way to go Uc keep it up 65 was my number I'm football also
  14. August 7, 2019 FoodBuzz -585- Keeping this quit rolling another day with KS RWM 883 Quitting with Killshot KS 127 fell asleep again thanks for the text RWM I'm quit
  15. August 6, 2019 KS 126 quit all day today. Just curious when does the Group get moved into 2019 quit groups since im over 100 days. I guess it really doesn't matter as long as im posting a promise daily. Just something I noticed. Have a great quit day!!!
  16. August 5, 2019 KS 125 quit all day today with all my fellow quitterd
  17. August 4, 2019 KS 124 quit all the way back from spokens today lol. Quit with all the quitters
  18. August 3, 2019 KS 123 quitting all day in Spokane
  19. August 2, 2019 KS 122 quit all day heading to spokane today.
  20. August 1, 2019 KS 121 quit all day Gibb13-911- August quit underway Nick- 2xx STS - 974: Quit with KS RWM 87x
  21. July 31, 2019 KS 120 I hate it also again today so I will quit all day
  22. July 30, 2019 FoodBuzz -577- There’s much to be thankful for today. Being quit is one of them, so much falls into place just cause of being quit. Gibb13-909- Tuesday quit in progress RWM - 875 - Hate that shit!!! KS 119 I hate it also quit all day
  23. July 29, 2019 KS 118 quit today feeling great
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