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    6 String Thanks for the welcome and sharing your story and experience. I have heard similar stories to yours over the past day. It makes perfect sense - I am sure you are correct. It just sucks...maybe just me but seems like this would be throwing all of the fun away. First the dip, no cigars. Hell, golf won't be any fun without a dip - my as well quit that too. Day 2 now for me - haven't posted promise until I figure this shit out but just getting irritated.
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    Hey Tank27, Thanks for reaching out. I have not dipped and have been messaging with rwm3892 about a few things - specifically cigars...maybe 1/month socially. Understand that is not part of the plan here so really need to think it through before making my promise - don't want to waste anyone's time if I'm not going to commit to that.
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    Got it- on my way there! Thanks
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    Hey- First day quitting...have stopped using many times but always go back to cope. Dipped for at least 20 years and know I need to quit. Dont like the sneaky, lying person it has made me become. I hope to get some help/support from many of you who beat this addiction. Thanks!
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