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  1. Monday June 24th The Dump   Turd Pitchers:  Capt Kirk, Day 34 (Another day of freedom awaits) Turd Catchers: UncleBubba - 5719 - another week quit!
  2. Another dip-free night on the recliner at the new house. Gotta get up early so I can get to the old house to get my day job clothes on and get to work on time. I'm exhausted...so much so that I can't even find an uplifting bikini picture to share.
  3. The Dump Sun June 23, 2019     Turd Pitchers:  Capt Kirk, Day 33. (First night in new house, slept on a recliner...time for some painting today) Turd Catchers: steve50-3138-14 dry- No dip or booze today. Gibb13-872- Sunday quit
  4. Sat June 22, 2019     Turd Pitchers:  Capt Kirk...Day 32 (No dip for me today, thank you)  Turd Catchers: Gibb13-871- on the road all day so getting my support in early. NDT
  5. LOLOLOL...that couldn't have been more perfect timing...just went to the bathroom after busting my ass all morning and I thought "holy hell, I need to ring out my boxers" LOLOL
  6. The Dump Friday June 21, 2019     Turd Pitchers:  Capt Kirk...Day 31. Took the day off of work, let the moving begin Turd Catchers: steve50- 3137- No Cave Friday is a thing. Gibb13-870- no spelunking for me. NDT
  7. Sorry guys, celebrated my 1 month with the mrs. and a close friend...when you get those two together, they get a little dirty.
  8. Thursday June 20, 2019      Turd Pitchers sign here:  Capt Kirk....Day 30 Woo-Hoo...first month down!  Turd Catchers sign here: KS 79 quit with you all day with you Congrats on 30 days Gibb13-869- Congrats on the first month down! Quit with you today. NDT Nick- 238- Congrats on the one month mile stone. Looks like we're early for the festivities, that's ok I'll wait. RWM - 835 - Hell, I'm starting now.
  9. Sorry guys, it's been a long day and I'm tired so I think it would be good for the Dump to get some rest tonight. Tomorrow will be one month for me and we'll have some fun...guaranteed that there'll be bikini's, blow up dolls, midigets, gerbils, Jello and some new attractions. I'm still quit and I'm gonna get some sleep.
  10. Wednesday June 19, 2019   Turd Pitchers sign here:  Capt Kirk....Day 29 Turd Catchers sign here: KS 78 quit with you al day Gibb13-868- the turds are piling up. NDT Nick- 237- The turds may be piling up but so are the days quit, and that's a great thing.
  11. Euty, I had my first run with QS in 2004 and I hung around for years after I was comfortable with being quit. I remember you, I remember when you first quit and I commend you for remaining committed to your quit. You're doing good!! When I first logged in on QS I was greeted by Hoop...and I felt like I was being greeted by a Drill Sergeant. It's because of Hoop that I stayed. Had I have been greeted with fluff and emotion...I wouldn't have stayed and wouldn't have made it that 10 years. I'm 15 days into my new quit and I'm the newest member....Christ, 4660 days ago you didn't see one new member every 2 weeks...you saw new members daily. How many members did you have in your group in 2006? I'll bet at least 20 with some falling out later. I don't believe that membership to the site is a result of a drastic reduction of people chewing. I think it's safe to assume that there's a similar amount of people chewing now as there was 15 years ago. You'd have to assume that of those people there are the same amount of people wanting to quit as there was 15 years ago. I've seen 12 "guests" here once and I'm the newest member after 15 days.??? You continue supporting lurkers to quit your way and I'll continue to encouraging lurkers the way that started my 10 year quit.
  12. Actually, yes. In 04 I was a lurker, I then joined the site and proudly posted that I was planning on quitting on some random date in the future. A gentleman veteran named Hoopity explained to me in no uncertain terms that I was a dumbass and that I need to pull my head out of my ass and the dip out of my mouth right then. I did so and that was the beginning of a 10 year quit. I'm back here now on day 11 because I drifted away from the site and lost the accountability. Reading is fine but accountability is key...some people need a little nudge to begin their journey. Not getting a single new member in a week isn't a glowing testament that all's fine. Having one person in a quit group (such as mine) isn't an indication that all's fine. Time to try something different.
  13. Eight guests on right now and I'm still the newest member of the site...that's some crazy bat shit stuff right there! Well, I guess if you carry your sack in a man-purse it is easier to read about people having quit than it is to actually quit yourself. What are you eight hoping to gain by lurking in the shadows? Heaven forbid you being accountable to people that want to see you succeed in your quit. You know, we really do want to see you kick this bitch and we can help you do it when you exit from the shadows and post day 1 in your Sept group.
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