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Thinking about quitting?

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Thinking about quitting?


Great! That is the best decision that you could have made!


Just a couple questions to think about:

1 - Who are you quitting for primarily? If the answer is not YOU, then you need to change that. You quit for a wife/girlfriend, then the first fight you get into, the “I’ll show you” dip gets put in and there’s a quick easy cave.

2 - How serious are you about quitting – It better be a top priority because your addiction is serious about keeping you in bondage.

3 - What are you willing to do to quit? You need to be able to commit some time for the next few days because they are going to be pretty rough. You will need to have some time to come to this site every day, preferably when you wake up.

4 - How many times have you tried before? This time can be your last. Remember the things that you tried before that DIDN’T work. This site has all the tools you need to be and stay quit.

5 - Are you willing to take advice and follow it? What about constructive criticism and/or “tough love”? If not, then re-read the 1st 4 questions until the answer is yes.



Now for the first assault against your addiction. This is going to sound really silly, but it will make sense down the road.

Do this, in order.

1. Get every tin/can you have. Every one of them. Full or empty, open or sealed. That includes the one in the sock drawer, the one under the driver seat, and the other one you have stashed away for "emergency use". All of them.

2. One by one, open the cans and pour the contents into the toilet. Don't just throw the cans away. Flush that crap once and for all. Say something sinister to it as it goes down the drain. Each can gets a flush.

3. Rinse each can in the sink. Make sure it all goes down the drain. Wash your hands. No more nicotine is in your posession. Congratulations!

4. Forget how stupid this sounds. Like I said, it will make sense later: Destroy the cans. Use a (legal) explosive.* Take a chainsaw and (safely) obliterate them.* Pour some gasoline on them and start a great little bonfire.* (See local fire ordinances.) Sledge hammer.* Make it extravagant. Anything that you will remember doing, something you CAN'T FORGET doing.

5. Go back to the newest HOF group and make the announcement and go into detail of what you did.

6. Go to the store - stock up on something to keep in your mouth other than nicotine. Non nicotine gum, hard candy, fake chew, sunflower seeds, straws, toothpicks, cotton balls (with or without mouthwash). Exercising is also mandatory. A good run or some kind of workout is the best way to kill a quick strong crave.

7. Print out a contract to give up. Put it in your wallet. If you have an issue, look at it, sign it, and get every active member in your group to sign it prior to caving.

Now is when it gets tough. You are going to miss it. You will think "My God, what have I done?" The answer is, you have just added minutes/hours/days/years to your life. You have taken a step to freedom.



Maintenance -

1. Post day 1 on roll call. If you don't know how, there are instructions, or I'll tell you.

2. Go through your day. The most important task is to keep away from nicotine at all costs. If you have to avoid friends that dip, stores that sell it, or activities that bring it to mind, avoid them all. A wise quitter said that there is nothing more important today - click here to read the Spongebob Mantra.

3. Come back to this site often. Just pop in and read through the cafe - read through older roll call posts. Get to know people. If you don't have 10 phone numbers from people in your group and other members that have longer quits, get some numbers. Ask for them. It isn't stupid, it adds accountability. Without accountability, there is nothing keeping you from caving except will power. And it takes more than that to overcome addiction.

4. If you haven't called a number, call one.

5. Don't buy any dip. Don't bum any dip. Don’t put any dip in your mouth. (Thank Truckerick for that one).

6. Go to bed. Congratulate yourself, you have just spent the day dip free. Know in your heart that today was a little rougher than tomorrow will be.

7. Get up and start at Maintenance 1 – add 1 day to your quit. Don’t skip a day!





* The dangerous actions listed here are for comedic purposes only. QSSN and administrators do not condone dangerous activity, although Ohioman1972 does!

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