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Flavius Victor

What's the HOF?

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What's the Hall of Fame?


Good question. The Hall of Fame, or HOF as we call it, is that point where you've reached your 100th day free of tobacco.


It's not a magical, mystical number, just some arbitrary number we decided on to make a milestone in your quit. The HOF is not the pinnacle of your quit; it's only the beginning. All too many a quitter has reached the Hall of Fame, only to succumb to their addiction soon after. Quitting is a life long commitment and journey that we all must make. Each and every day is another day in our quits and there's not one single day that' more important that another. We celebrate the 100th day, but we revel in the life long commitment we make to quitting tobacco.


Hall of Fame Speech

When a quitter reaches the Hall of Fame (100 days), it's customary to write a Hall of Fame speech, recognizing the efforts of those who helped you along the way and recounting your experience for those who will follow. It's more than a rite of passage, it's an opportunity for you to give back and help those who follow after you.


We welcome you to this support forum and are looking forward to seeing you in the Hall of Fame!

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