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Flavius Victor

Why are you here?

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Welcome to our support forum.


Here, you'll find hundreds of people just like you, who are actively quitting tobacco use. We've all made the decision to quit and hope you'll join us.


While we are all quitters here, we understand that some of you are "seriously thinking about quitting" but haven't quite pulled the trigger, so to speak. That's OK! We get it. Many of us toyed with the idea of quitting before actually taking the plunge and we know it's a difficult decision. You can't simply undo a life time of addiction in one single moment.


That's where we come in.


If you're thinking about quitting, then let us know. What's keeping you from making the commitment? What didn't work in the past? Are you afraid to ask for help because you've been hiding this from your family and friends for years? We can help. I guarantee you'll find someone here who's been in your shoes. Just reach out to us and let us help you finally make that decision to quit. Once and for all.


Here's a great article by one of our members you might want to read.

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