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34 years comes to an end!

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My name is Mike and today is my 46th birthday. Tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of my mothers death from lung cancer. Monday will be the first day of my new life - free from nicotine.


I have done this many, many times in the past and know alot about failure in this endeavor. This website will provide peer support from people that understand what I will be going through.


I am writing this now so that I can be accountable to this group (as well as my family, that will have to live through the next few days and weeks). This is the toughest battle I have ever faced head on.


I have been reading posts, letters and stories on this site for two days now. Funny, how when God wants you to move in a particular direction it is sometimes like getting hit with a ton of bricks.


I am prepared to kill this addiction once and for all and at any cost! If I could chain myself in a padded room for 3 days - i would Listed below is the "cold turkey" mechanics and tools I plan to use to get through day's 1-3:


Take time off of work (only required calls and activities).

Lots of water

Ibuprophin around the clock

Pray, pray and pray some more

Gum, seeds, candy and jerky

Brush after meals

Join a gym so I can walk, run, lift or whatever I might need to do. (this will be more than the first 3 days)

Remind my family that these are temporary outbursts and behaviors for a lifetime of freedom.


If you have other ideas, please let me know. It is my time to do this and I'm sick and tired of being a prisoner of this poison. (that's nice to say)



Married 23 years with 2 children (13 and 17)

Started at 12 years old with leaf tobacco. Hid from teachers and parents. After nicotine poisoning trip to hospital for swallowing too much, I was cleaver enough to convert to Copenhagen snuff. Still swallowing to hide from people (clients, kids friends, meetings etc). I have it in my mouth except when I sleep or eat. I quit for 30 days about 12 years ago (between jobs); 2 days twice and; 1 day about 3-4 times. This does not include the 50 or so times I intended on quitting until after one or two meals.


I will plan something very special for my birthday next year to celebrate my first year of freedom in 34 years.

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Welcome Mike and welcome fellow GA Boy. Sounds like you know whats coming, even with this site quitting is still a MOFOer in the beginning. Lots of water helped also cranberry juice seemed to take the bite out of the really bad fog and craves the first few days for me. Walking/working out is also a great help, I started riding a bike and that has helped me. As you mentioned read alot on here, and I mean alot, never tempt the nic bitch, and if you drink alcohol cut that shit out for a few weeks. Also get some telephone numbers, and frankly this maybe the most impt part, that way you can text/call when it gets really tough. If you want my number pm me and I will give it to you. Stop or avoid activity (that you can) that is strongly associated with dip, obviously you cant avoid it all and breathing is still necessary. An example is do not go back to the store where you used to buy your dip, or at least do not go inside if it is a gas station.


Finally I would say that you need to take dip as an option off the effn table. Read some of the terrible things guys have been through on here while quitting; divorce, deaths etc. and understand in your addict brain that dip will not make anything better. Dip is a lie and do not buy into what it will try to sell you when you are craving. Decide now that this decision to quit is a lifelong decision, and start kicking that bitch to the curb.


Although this site is a great help it is really all about you, who you are as a man and how you plan on beating this addiction. I look forward to seeing you post up and hearing some war cries as you strangle the bitch.


One MOFO to another.



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Welcome aboard Mike. Me and you share a lot in common concerning nicotine. I am 46 as well, dipped for over 35 years. I was using 2 cans a day, long cut skoal. I ate the chit. I am now 154 days quit. You are at the right place to do this. Chuck and a few others saved me from a cave on a couple of occassions. Come here as often as possible, get in the shout box, your quit group, get numbers, etc...Read, read and read some more here. After the first 3 weeks, things really started to even out for me. Feel free to message me. Like Chuck, if you need a number, let me know. Good luck.

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Mike, congratulations and welcome to the site.


The more we interact with each other here the more we realize that we're all the same. I too started when I was 12, by the time I turned 40, I was killing two cans a day. What a pathetic fool I was. In December, I'll celebrate 7 years of being off that crap. I don't say that to boast but rather, to let you know that it is possible. Many of us have half-heatedly tried to quit on more than one occasion; always citing tomorrow as the day, or, after this last dip or, after my fishing trip this weekend. We can always come up with excuses but it's not until we finally decide that enough is enough; that we've lived as a slave for too long, that we can have any hopes of freedom.


Welcome to the site and we look forward to seeing you posting those days quit in your group.

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Welcome 5-STAR, thanks for sharing your story. I'm one day behind you, in the same group. I hope the initial suck has let up on you a little bit by now. You are doing great so far.

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I am on DAY #19 today!


The process has been simple - simple but hard.


The simplicity is: KEEP IT OUT OF MY MOUTH.


The hard is: This process sucks! BUT IT IS WORTHWHILE.


I did everything in my initial post (except working out - update below) and added Cranberry Juice (16 oz daily) and I will tell you the first few days were absolute He2L! There is no way around that, so I chose the "Cold Turkey" route and got that poison out of my system as quick as possible...gritted my teeth, held on to a little reality for those first few days and overcame the evil chemical addiction I was supporting for 34 years.


I'm glad I did! I didn't feel like doing anything the first few days and after that I had something abnormal happen in my heart, had it checked out and going through more tests currently. The result of all this is that I have proven to myself that the nicotine I have been sucking into my body for all these years has influenced the physiological happenings in my body. My body was no longer functioning the way it was designed, but rather, my bodily systems were reacting to this drug. WOW - how messed up is that! Cells actually grew by adapting to the nicotine level of my body. I am happy I did what I did and am committed 100% to see this thing through for today - and then again for the next day and so on - one day at a time.


BTW, I did not chain myself to a padded room, but I did take some time off of work.


I am working on beraking all of the habits and the mental challenges that come with this process. This mental side of the process remainssimple but hard! (see above)

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