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Hello all

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Hi all,

My name Is Karl, am currently a college student, and I took my last dip today at 4:00. I decided to quit last night around 5 in the morning, and as of now am not looking back. I have thrown out all the nicotine in my room, and have stocked up with seeds, beef jerky chew, and gum.

About me:

-Have been dipping for 4 years

-Skoal wintergreen-Skoal mint- Skoal edge- Grizzly Mint (.5-1 tins a day)

-Habitual user of snus (often 6-7 times a day)

Cant remember the last time I've went this long (7 hours) without dipping, which makes me feel terrible about my habit

Snus in all of classes, starting in high-school when i did every other class


I have only made one serious attempt in quitting dip in the past, and i tried to ween myself off dip. This didn't work and i was quickly back with a vengeance, so this time i am quitting cold turkey.

This site has been very inspiring so far, to the point where i truly believe there is no chance I'm ever going back to dip.



(Wrote it out of boredom, accurate depiction of my experience with tobacco though)

The farther I run, the closer it gets

The closer I get, the more I regret

Would anyone like to place some bets? on

The one that knows,

From my head to my toes

How to make me fight

At it’s mere sight


It knows where I’m going,

It knows where I am.

It knows when I’m mowing,

It knows my whole fam.


Behind the desk! Look out!

It’s too late, this is my fate

Poof! Retreating into the shadows, the sun takes its place

Brightening the once dark, empty space

For I have won today,

I can finally go out and play


As day turns to night, soon night turns to day

But the sun never rose, how could I play today?

Ahah! Ahead! The monster approaches

Bigger, faster, and stronger than ever

I chased him down, and with a pound, his head I did sever


This, of course,

Was done with remorse,

For the problem was now tomorrow’s.

But today I was free, from the monster within me,

So for now i shall go out and play


It began late last June,

Down by the old racing platoon,

where I saw my brother play.

My brother would play,

A few times a day,

Until I decided to have it my way.

I was going to play today


You win, but you keep racing

You race, but you keep chasing

And soon you’ll be running in circles,

Amongst the murckles and jurckles

Unsure of who’s chasing who.

My bet? The chews chasing you


No longer in charge, you’ve entered your own cell

A prisoner of your own device

And the warden? Keeping you trapped like a zoo

Guess what, you created that too.


Next time you think about playing,

prepare to start paying, the monster isn’t going away.


So think twice, think three times, before taking that chew

When you’re asked to dip, what are YOU going to do?

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Hi Karl..


I liked your poem..it shows that you know the monster that you are doing battle with.


The book "ENOUGH SNUFF' puts you in the heavily addicted class of dipper..5 tins/wk, with me..It also states that cold turkey quits are the most effective, if successful..I didn't try it because I'm old and a pussy when it comes to withdrawal..


Posting roll call on here would be a good idea..also posting your progress on this thread would be good..I will be dropping by to check on you..


Wishing you well...onward and upward...



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It's officially been 24 hours since my first dip, so I've made it through Day 1. 1 bag of seeds, can of chew, and pack of gum gone.

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Keep it up Karlos - you can do it.


I know college is a tough time to battle something like this, lots of stress and other stuff going on, but it will be worth it.


Keep yourself busy. For me, the first 5 days were the worst and then it eased up. Been 20 days for me and the thoughts are still constantly popping in and out of my head, but they are easily pushed back down where they belong.


Keep coming back here. Make this site your fix for a while - it really does help.


Good luck.


Oh - good to see you hanging on too speedbump!!

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