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Hello all. Please allow me to introduce myself. You can call me tryptamine, im 21 and have been a pack a day smoker since i was 15.


I'm finally ready to make the change and have decided to go with a nicotene replacement (patch) starting tomorrow. (11-11-11) Hope the triple elevens will give me luck.


I've tossed all but 1 last cigarette which will be consumed before bed tonight and tomorrow morning will put on the patch. (I'm commited but I don't want to start the patch tonight, would rather change it out every morning since im most active at morning.


I'm going to need a lot of help with this and appreciate any help you all can bring me.


Thanks for your support.

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Hi tryptamine...


It's a good day to ditch the smoking addiction, and I think 11/11/11 will bring you good fortune on the quit..You will receive a lot of help on here..support here is really good...posting roll call will give you a bit of a boost on the quit...tough ?? yes it is, but it is doable with determination and having a bunch of people in the boat with you (bailing water to keep afloat )..Your Feb. 2012 quit group is a good one..they have momentum going and guts on the line..


Be seeing you around the farm..


speedbump..No tobacco today..day 47

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