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Ross Fisher

Chew is a crutch for my anxiety and I need to quit!

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Heya my name is Ross and I'll be 24 before the year is over. I've been chewing since I was 16 and using tobacco since I was 14. When I was 16 I overdosed on a mass amount of energy drinks which led to a heart attack. I've suffered from anxiety since that night in varying levels but it used to be much worse than it is today, I can function almost trouble free in daily life. Chew became a huge crutch for me after developing anxiety. I have dip in my mouth constantly.


The level in which it has gotten to is quite severe (health effects). Since I chew all the time and don't drink much water I've developed inflamed tonsils and throat to the point where eating is difficult. Most of it is anxiety but chew isn't helping anything go down by making my throat raw and having sticky spit. I get a bit of food stuck in my throat and it's all over, nothing seems to help and it's the most crappy feeling I've had in my life.


I believe my issue is two part and is feeding each other. I chew because it's a "safety blanket" to anxiety but chew is a stimulant and irritates my throat (leading to cancer) when my biggest fear is choking while stimulants is what caused my issues to begin with. It's all really stupid sounding when I say it out loud.


I feel chew is the last link of the chain holding me back. I've quit before, sometimes for months and I've felt absolutely amazing. It felt as a heavy fog has been lifted. My sense of smell comes back, food tastes amazing and my throat isn't swelled; no more hacking in the shower every morning.


I believe the most helpful thing for me is to be able to talk to people about the issue openly. I plan on going cold turkey and drinking a ton of water while my job keeps me moving. I plan to keep a sealed container of chew on me as a "safety blanket" so the idea of not having chew doesn't freak me out while it would make me feel really bad to break a promise to myself and my family to open it.


As for withdraw I may be quite weird but I enjoy some of the feeling. I can smell within 2 days, I have a ton of energy and I annoy the hell out of my wife. The only issue I have is bad deep pain in my joints presumably from the sodium.


My quit date is the 15th of Nov, my birthday. I'll pickup some smokey mountain while I'm at it.


PS: As for insurance and doctors, dentists, etc. I'm 24 and married with a kid on our own. With the way that state social help is these days I might as well forget getting any type of insurance unless I stay on them and wait months if they even approve me. I'm strictly stuck to the ER for emergencies and my old family doctor for calling in cheap prescriptions. It sucks to live in a country where the top two most preventable life destroying issues go untreated for those that need the most help. It's not like I'm an uneducated bum, I'm a college student.



Thanks for reading my post!

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It is very sad that nicotine has such a hold on us that we will put ourselves through hell, and will lie lie lie mostly to ourselves, but to everyone else as well. Ross I hope you come back to us, Come back with a new attitude, come back with a little fire, come back wanting to Quit. Right now you are looking for ways and excuses to cave before you even Quit.


Look deep within yourself, find the strength to stand up, and free yourself from this evil.

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