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Steps to a cave

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"...The gist is that caving is not a single act. It is a series of little actions leading to the full cave. After each action we have the choice of saying "Screw You Nic Bitch!" So it isn't as simple as "caving" it is a complicated series of mistakes, at least 11:
1. Deciding to get dip
2. Getting into the car
3. Driving to the store
4. Parking at the store
5. Getting out of car
6. Walking into the store
7. Purchasing dip
8. Exit store
9. Open can
10. Grab a pinch
11. Putting pinch into mouth.

So, "caving" is no simple act. It actually is a complicated series of actions strung together like beads on a string. Before or during any one of these acts, we have the power to say NOT THIS TIME...."

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