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Well, today I hit 121 days and also found this forum. I really didn't have a support group when I initially, just a determination to quit after a 35 year habit. I honestly didn't think I could ever quit, but I was getting tired. Tired of having to face quitting one day and tired of living in fear of the consequences of not quitting. So I simply decided to see how life could be like without tobacco. I determined that I wouldn't beat myself up if I wasn't handling the rest of life perfectly while I was going through the initial withdrawals. Now, at 121 days tobacco free, I know I can spend the rest of my life without this crap. I know that I can be free of it's physical hold and even worse, the psychological hole that I had created by using that drug. Without it, I know that I am better able to focus on other areas of my life like relationship, engaging in healthier activities, not having to wake-up in the middle of the night from nightmares about my tobacco usage. That said, I know that I can't let me guard down and go back. So I keep looking forward, I continue to fight the occasional craving and I trust that as time progresses, my future self will thank my current self for taking a stand and fighting for a better life.

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