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The longer I am quit........

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This isn't my first time down the quit road.


....The less I know...


I discovered this site 4 days into my most recent quit. A day later the "fog" rolled in and I spent hours on this site every day. I woke up looking forward to logging in and seeing all my quit buddies do the same. I posted pictures of hot chicks for other quit groups, and even picked our very own "Jackie C.". Go check her out in the August 2014 group. If you catch us on Friday, you'll meet "Frannie". She is our mascot for Flamethrower Fridays. I loved reading the posts from TigerRefuge, Steve50, Tophook, and of course my quit brothers Cogline, T-Sand, Fightback, and my July 2014 quit buddy Freight Train. All of us made it to the HOF, only Cog, FT and myself are still there. I needed those dudes to help me. I needed them to carry me. The truth is I had a network of accountability that helped me stay quit and in my darkest hour, my phone rang and it was Tiger. I didn't reach out to him, he reached out to me. I'll never forget him telling me, "you'll never wake up regretting you stayed quit". We talked for nearly an hour. The struggle is real, it is daily, and if you stay quit, you will always face a struggle that will make you want to give up on yourself and your quit. The truth is though I feel like it is MY quit. I WANT this for myself!


I could not wait to get to 100 so I could be HOF but then I did and then I didn't know what my speech would say. The truth is, the longer I am quit, I feel like the less I know. I don't think about it as much anymore and the cravings are few and far between. I can't give you anything original because everything I know came from my quit brothers and this site. My quit is a product of the support from this site and my determination.


With every ounce of my being, I want to be and stay quit. So to my quit brothers who have helped me get to over 500 days, this is dedicated to you. Thank you!


Mike Baker

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