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100 days??! Only possible taking it ODAAT

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As I stated in the C&C Quit Factory quit group this morning, this is not the end it is only the beginning. While I do feel a little sense of accomplishment with reaching 100 days quit I still realize I need to stay focused and stay humble. And most importantly I must keep the ODAAT approach to my quit. During these last 100 days, I not only stayed quit but I also started to live a better lifestyle. I started to become more active, I started to actually live life. It might be difficult for some of you to truly realize, but as a closet dipper, the NB totally controlled me. I know it controls us all but being a closet dipper, I refrained from going to most functions, I refrained from doing just about anything that would not involve stuffing my face with a dip without ANYBODY around. My life was out of control. I had no social interaction, other than work. In fact, all I did was work and of course, dip! Since I decided to change my life, things have really turned around for me. I can honestly say this is one of the happiest times of my life. Not only because I've given up dip, but also because I've started to live my life on my terms. I know a lot of you have your different reasons for quitting but I quit because I wanted my freedom back. I was tired of the dip mind screwing me all the time. I was tired of being an overweight, out of shape, lazy physical education teacher. Oh yea, that's right. I lived a terrible life yet I taught kids to live a healthy life! What kind of hypocrite does that? I didn't care, all I cared about was the can and being alone to stuff my face. When I first started my quit, I weight around 260lbs. I've never been overweight before these last few years when the NB took TOTAL control of my life. I'm proud to say as I type this out, I'm now at 200lbs. Yes that's right, I've lost 60 pounds during my first 100 days of my new life. I think I'm more proud of that then I am of my 100 days quit. Not sure why but I am. I guess the reason for my rambling right now, is to let all of you know, no matter how much the NB has control of you, you can quit. You can have a better life. You can make the most of each day. I'm living proof of that. All you need to do, is quit for today. I know it sounds cliché but its so true. Just quit for today. Take control of what you can control and that is right now, that is today.

I go into so many quit groups that are empty after those quitters have reached the 100 day mark. I don't get it. How can we be so committed to our quits for 100 days then just fall off? Like its all over. Like the NB will automatically stop coming around. I know exactly why . We all have this big idea that 100 days is the end all GOAL. I like sports so I'll compare it to a sports situation. You have teams that work their butts off to win a championship, to be on top of the world (100 days quit) and once they get there. The work is over. The goal has been accomplished and there is nowhere to go from here. I tell everyone, that ask, about my weight loss, losing the weight wasn't the toughest part, the toughest part is maintaining that weight loss. Trying to keep motivated now that I've reached my weight goal. Like that team that just won the Super Bowl, its hard to stay on top. Its hard to maintain that greatness but that's where the real work comes in. I know my quit isn't over. I know I have a long way to go but I know its possible to continue being quit ODAAT.

For those of you that are reading this that need some motivation or encouragement. Listen, since 2012 (its 2015 right now) I've been a "Day 1" quitter for more times that I can recall. It NEVER stuck with me. But eventually it did. During those first few weeks that really suck, I just told myself, if I didn't quit this time, who knows when I would attempt to quit again. The life of freedom is way better than any day of dipping. As I told a friend the other day, if being a dipper was better than being quit; I would have went back to dipping a long time ago. My point is, if you want to quit more than you want to dip, you will. Good Luck on your journey. You will be a better person for quitting and most importantly you will get your life back.

Lastly, I would like to say thanks for the outpouring of support. It really left me speechless. The excitement people show on here for others success is truly remarkable. You don't find that with a group of strangers very often, but then again, that's what makes this place so special.

Good Night gents and I will see you all on day 101!





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