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Finally grew a pair

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Why and how I started chewing is nothing special. I was 19 and thought it was a cool way to drop some pounds. Since age 22 i tried quitting. I tried cold turkey, cutting back, Chantix, telling everyone I know I'm quitting, and praying. I don't think I went a full year without trying to quit once. I lied about quitting when i got a job, married, had my son or turned 30. I'm 30 as I wrote this, and the reason I quit was none of the above.

I got tired of being weak. I got tired of being strapped for cash, but still spending $4 a day on chew. It didn't help with weight. I've been 220 and chewed, and 260 and chewed. It doesn't help long term. Quitting was the damn hardest this I ever did. But with the help of the guys on this site I finally found the support I need to quit. (big thanks to CraigMac, I would have caved day 3 without him). Three weeks into my quit I wrote the following: "At this point, I only think about dip when I'm doing something that used always involve dip. I can chew ice, some beef jerky, or sugar free life savers and get through it....but I needed a different trick to get through the first week....To those going through a tough first 10 days see if you can try this....

- I said to my self : make through 1 day and then you can dip if your that messed up over it.

-make it

Through 3 days and let the nicotine out of your body, then you can dip again if you feel you can't live without it.

-make it through 5 days and see how you feel. If you don't like life without it the fine.

- make it through one week and show yourself you don't need it....you can always dip again it's not going anywhere.

.......After 2 weeks I truly no longer feel the want to dip. The first week it felt like I was missing something. That crazy technique worked for me, but it would be no way to live forever. To dip again even once is no longer an option. I have read stories on here of people who quit for a year the dipped just once, and another 10 years go by before the next quit. Well now I happy to say I'm done! That crap sucked, took much money and time out of my life, and I constantly thought it was going to kill me. So to wrap this long sorry up. If you want I to try a quit and reading this, just quit for 10 days. You might look dip as disgusting after that and be on a road to freedom.... If not fine, there will be plenty of the crap available because there is a ton of us enjoying a quit life"......


Man was I excited. But it is hard to remain quit. It is better, but the fight is far from over. I fear caving, and taking this battle one day at a time is the only way to really fight. I didn't cave today, and I'm gona wake tommorow and fight the NB again.


Thanks for your support and reading,



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