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I dipped for over 13 years and tried to quit many times within that period. It never really stuck because I always convinced myself after some time that the can would make things better. Dip as I'm sure you know makes you believe that it has some sort of special ability to enhance the most mundane tasks. But what I started to realize was that dip was not enhancing any tasks, what it was doing was destroying the joy I got from things that didn't or couldn't include dipping. Instead of living in the moment while spending time with my family, I would sit and think about how or when I could get my next dip. Instead of appreciating the time I had with my wife, I would think about an excuse to leave so I could put in another dip. I know you know the feeling and all of the examples but the point is that I was losing the things in life that were important for dip, meanwhile dip was destroying my gums.


Once I realized that dip was causing me to miss out on the most important things in life I wish I could say I quit right then and there but I didn't. I knew what dip was doing to my health and my relationships and yet I chose to continue to do it because I felt like I couldn't quit. I would go a few hours quit and then go right back to buying a can. This went on for a long time. And each time I would try to quit I would always go back to the can and it would get worse. I was pretty much at a point were I had a dip in every waking moment. The combination of realizing how negative dip was in my life and the fact that I couldn't quit caused me to get pretty depressed. I think it was the idea of helplessness that really got me depressed.


Eventually I went to see a dentist for a routine cleaning and I confessed to him how much I'd been dipping. He did the cancer test and took a look at my gums. He said my gums were looking rough and that if I kept dipping it was a numbers game whether or not I would develop cancer. I got that cold feeling when he said that and it was like a light went off inside of me that I was being a total idiot and that I could quit! Since that day I have not taken a dip and every time I think about dipping I remind myself of that feeling.


Being dip free is awesome. I still have friends and family who dip and I feel sorry for them as they mumble excuses to leave early or go somewhere for no reason. I love the freedom I have now with being dip free! Freedom to not schedule my day around that can. Freedom of a clear conscience as I lay my head down to sleep knowing I'm not contributing anymore to my potential avoidable death by gum cancer and all the pain I would cause my loved ones because of that.


I'll just end by saying that if you are where I was 111 days ago and thinking about quitting but you feel like you can't, trust me you can. Go for it, tell all of your loved ones so they can support you and keep you accountable, sign up for an account and post role daily it makes huge difference knowing others are with you, and when you feel like your going to give in just remember one day at a time. And every day you are dip free thank God for the grace to see you through it.

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